Flash Fiction Friday Devotions


Creideamh was far from home. She knelt on the bearskin her father had killed. On the window sill she’d built her altar. Horns for Cernunnos. Bells for Nimue. A candle and incense. She cleared her mind.

“…for behold: all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.”* floated through her mind as she began her devotions.


Brighid of the waters,

Brighid of the sunrise flames,

May my body flow with the juices of love,

May heated passion fill my soul.


Bran the Blessed,

Hold my heart, my soul, my body,

May love beautiful and fair fill our souls,

May our bodies meld into one.


Gods of my fathers,

Bless me with love and strength.

Let true love fill me this night,

And may our entwined bodies rejoice.


Goddesses of the forests, streams and air,

Bless me with understanding and fertility.

Let my love flow as the juices of my body do this night,

And may our joy fill the sky with stars.


May my Anam Cara join with me this night,

In pleasures of the body and soul.

May we fill ourselves with joy, and passion,

As God and Goddess entwined in the delights of love.


Creideamh rose and slipped the teal wedding robe over her head and felt the silk caress her body. Her nipples crinkled against the fabric. She was ready. A bride anointed by the juices slick between her thighs and the lustful passions filling her body. She walked in beauty, to be met by her horn crowned lord. Her lover, her mate.



Now I took a bit of a turn with this pic. Then again, I’m pagan. 🙂 Yeah, a tree huggin’ dirt worshipin’ witch, and priestess. The antlers in the window swayed it for me. And for once, I’m over the limit… sorta. I have the required verses, but I needed a bit of “back story” so to speak. I’ve been listening to music by Wendy Rule, Zeeza, Emerald Rose and Heather Alexander. For the record, Creideamh means Faith in Gaelic.

I hope you enjoy my FFF. Our wonderful and perverse host, Advizor has set us this little puzzle:

Word Count: 5 verses of 4 lines each

Required Word: Devotion

Forbidden Work: Servant

Extra Credit; Name her Faith

Bonus Words: Tell us about the last time you were on your knees.

As for the last time I was on my knees… 🙂 Mwahahaha… Delightful sex. Cowboy style. Breasts cupped, nipples pinched. It was wonderful.


*Charge of the Goddess by Doreen Valiente.

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