Flash Fiction Friday Pandarific!


“Send in the next one!” Dave was getting tired. The interviews for a mascot were taking forever. Just how different could a body in a panda suit be? The outcome really couldn’t be all that different. Hell! You couldn’t tell what they were under that suit.

The panda came in and began to do the routine required by all of the candidates. Bounce to the left, bounce to the right, jump up and down, twirl and clap hands under the legs. Then the panda began to do a bump and grind. It shimmied. The hands in the panda suit grabbed it’s ‘breasts’ and rubbed them in circles. Then the hands began to move down the round belly until they reached the crotch. Seductively, the panda began to rub it’s crotch.

“What in the hell?” Geoff whispered to Dave.

“I don’t know, but in some sort of kinky way, this is hot.” Dave could feel his cock begin to throb.

The panda’s gyrations became more and more lewd. When it stopped at the faux climax, both men were working to hide their erections.

“Um… Panda, would you care to explain your actions?” Dave said, his voice husky with need.

Still moving to an unseen bump and grind rhythm, the panda reached behind and unzipped the costume. As it fell to the floor, black elbow length gloves, nude breasts and a pair of black panties appeared. The woman pulled off the panda head, exposing a stunning face.

“How did I do?” she asked.

Dave put his hand over his lap. “Ver… very well.”

“Yeah,” agreed Geoff.

“Well? Do I get the job?”

“Ummm. I have to admit that you aren’t exactly what we had in mind for Prediction Panda, but…”

“Prediction Panda? I was here for the Furries Strip-O-Gram. Oh Damn!” She started to pick up the costume and walk out the door.

“Wait!” both men called.

She stopped, costume gathered under her breasts.

“How much was the strip-o-gram going to pay?” Geoff asked.

“$75 a night.”

“How would you like $100 for two weeks?”

She blinked. “Hmm… “

“No stripping, just dancing. Oh, and a little less rude,” said Dave. “Oh, and a blow job for each of us.”



Ah, Flash Fiction Friday. I have to admit that the way life has been going, I’m lucky if I see the prompt and pic before Thursday morning. Right now it is 8:17pm on Thursday. This one gives me the giggles.

Our host, Advizor says:

Key Words: Prediction, Outcome

Word Limit: 369 words, ’cause I like 69

Forbidden Words: Soccer, game, ball(s)

Finished at 8:33pm. Come on people! It isn’t that difficult. Let your dirty little minds out to play! I’ll even host if you don’t have a website! If not, visit Advizor’s website and see what the rest of us smutty minded individuals did with a panda!

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