Flash Fiction Friday Kiss me Kate!


Peter had been late for their date. He’d rushed in eager to make up for it. Wrapping Kate in his arms, he kissed her until her head swum. Dropping the Chinese take-away on the table, he grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the bed. In less than a minute, each were down to their undies. Hands touching nipples, cupping breasts, stroking balls, and oh the kisses. The passion! The heat. Kate felt herself heating up until she couldn’t cope any longer. His hand rubbing against her silk covered pussy was driving her crazy with lust. His erection was pumping drops of pre-cum against his cotton briefs. She reached for the elastic.

“Fuck me!”

“Yes! Oh yes my sweet!” He started to shed his briefs when his cell phone rang.

“Don’t answer it!”

“I must.” Peter grabbed his phone. “Yes, Okay. Yes. I’ll give you five minutes.”


“I’ve got to. I’ll explain later.” He grabbed his clothes, dressed and left.


Kate couldn’t believe he’d left. She was so horny. Her pussy ached from their foreplay and the silk panties were soaked. After fifteen minutes, she walked over to the window regardless of her nudity.

She peered out the window. “Bloody hell! Where is he?” She leaned farther out the window and saw him talking to some skanky woman. She grabbed the Chinese take-away and began lobbing box after box at him. They hit, and when he looked up, she gave him the finger.

“Fuck you!”


“You duplicitous Bastard!”


Well, it’s 9:47pm. Let’s see how long it takes. Our lusty leader as asked us to:

Key Words: Late, Eager,

Word Limit: 250 (there’s not much time)

Forbidden Words: Anticipation, Wet, Hurry!

10:03pm. Not bad. All I could think of was Taming of the Shrew… I think it was the way she leaned out the window. And how oh how could you leave an ass, a body like that waiting. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Kiss me Kate!

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  1. What an idiot. Who would run out on fresh Chinese food? Oh, yea, and her too. The “Shrew” reference is great. If Shakespear dressed his women like in the picture there would be a lot bigger crowds at 12th Night.

    He should have obeyed the old saying, “A bush in the hand is worh one more Bird” or something like that.

    thanks for a fun, if frustrating, entry and your on-going support of Flash Fiction!

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