Twisted Delights

A new story. With familiar characters… eventually. It’s a slow starter. So much background info to cover. So, be patient. For a bit of a refresher, check out Labyrinth.   And yes, I do plan that far ahead. 🙂 



The maids moved through the Tudor mansion and began to clean. Heavy furniture was dusted and oiled, while trunks were taken upstairs to be lost in the attic with all the odd possessions of generations of Burleighs. Rugs were shook and floors were mopped. There wasn’t enough furniture for all of the rooms, and a butler was making note of what would be needed for the new owners.

Groundsmen prepared the gardens. Old junk, broken summer furnishings and broken statuary was hauled off. New locks were added to an odd building that looked like a small Greek temple. The groundsmen whispered between themselves about odd stories of what had gone on here.

New furniture arrived bit by bit and was hauled up to rooms empty with promise. Curtains and sheers were replaced in rooms, adding light to dark paneling and even darker fireplaces, newly scrubbed of soot. Family portraits were hung in various parlors and along the main staircase. A triptich of a woman and two men took center place in the main hall. It was made for that spot and were nearly impossible to relocate. The figures in the paintings were richly dressed, and obviously happy.

When the last of the silver, linens and other household goods were in place, the butler locked the door and retired to the below stairs quarters.


James Howard! Quit running up and down those stairs!” the nanny yelled after the young man who’d been taking the stairs of the main staircase two at a time. “Ifin’ you break your neck, it won’t be my fault!”

The young man halted at the top. “Alright Alice. Is it alright if I go up to the tower?”

The nanny thought about it for a moment. That part of the manse hadn’t been given more than a cursory clean. Jepson, the butler, had simply run out of time. “Olright! But don’t get too messy! We ‘aven’t had a proper clean up there!”

“Thanks Nanny!” James ran the rest of the way up the stairs. He was home from Eton on summer holiday. He wasn’t sure as to why he still had a nanny at seventeen, but then again, she’d always been there, unlike his parents. They were shadowy figures that showed up on holidays or for parent conferences. He rounded the corner and came to the huge oak door with the heavy hinges.

The handle turned stiffly and when he finally worked the door open, it was dark and dusty. Electricity had not made it to this end of the manse. He walked carefully, as to not trip over things. Pulling open the ancient velvet curtains, he found himself in a huge bedroom with a massive four poster bed. There was a fireplace nearly big enough to roast a sheep, and two huge trunks against the wall. James knelt to open the first trunk. The latch wouldn’t budge. He wriggled it to no avail. The second trunk was the same.

James walked around the room and began to go through the drawers of a writing desk. In the various drawers and cubbies there was dust, crumpled paper and dust. He checked the nightstand and found nothing. As he went to close the drawer, he realized it wouldn’t go all the way back in. Pulling the drawer all the way out, he found a small compartment that held a key. James took the key and went back to the trunks. The key fit, but turned slowly. After a few minutes, he had it open.

Inside the trunk there were pieces of clothing, books, tools and another key. James took that key and tried the other trunk. Nothing. It was the wrong size. He tried the first key and it opened the trunk. This one held bed clothes and riding equipment. Two riding crops and a saddle pad. James closed the trunk and began to look around the room to see where else the second key might fit. Walking around the room, he discovered a door behind a faded tapestry. The key fit this door and once more he found himself in a dusty unused room. This one was full of odd things on the walls and three trunks. He was about to open the trunks when he heard voices. Stuffing the keys in his pockets, James headed for the hall.

“There you are! Been lookin’ and hollerin’ for you!”

“Sorry Nanny. Is it dinner time? I’m starved.”

Flustered, Nanny Alice turned and followed James down the stairs to the dining room.


It too James three days before he could get back up to the attic room. This time he took an electric torch with him. He started with the first trunk. Inside were a few novels, a notebook full of odd sketches and a diary. He set those two aside. Then he went to look at the contents of the small room. It must have been a dressing room. On the walls were odd bits of leather. The first trunk held clothes. Most things crumbled when he touched them. It looked like women’s clothing. Corsets, and linens. He closed that one. The next had different styles of riding crops, a whip, some sort of clamps in various sizes and then in the bottom, a bag.

James lifted out the bag carefully. It was leather and had an R, G and J entwined on it. The bag was heavy. When he opened it, he about dropped it. Inside were three round bars. At closer inspection, he realized that they were penises made out of marble, wood and what looked like gold.

“What in the bloody hell?” He put them back in the box and turned to the third chest. Opening this one was surprising to say the least. A leather corset with holes where the nipples would poke through, and another penis. This one was made of leather and obviously strapped to the corset. At the bottom of the trunk was a small saddle. It looked normal until he realized it was not a side saddle, but that it too sported a cock rising up out of the middle.

“My god! My ancestors were weird.” He put the stuff back into the trunk and went out into the main room. Opening up the first book, he began to realize that the drawings were in fact, sex toys. Perverted kinky sex toys. Then he picked up the diary. It too had the three initials embossed on it. Opening it up, it was a little difficult to read, but after a bit, James got the hang of it.


Dear Diary,

Today Ralph presented me with a lovely saddle, just like Lady G’s. We went for a ride over to Sir Thomas’. I must have come a dozen times. Oh to pitch down onto that saddle and be tupped by that wicked cock. Ahhhh…

James read a bit more, realizing that his own cock was pushing up against his buttons. He read further, until he had to pull his cock out of his pants and stroke himself until he came. Using his handkerchief, he cleaned himself up. As the room grew darker, he tucked the book up out of sight and headed down for tea.

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