Flash Fiction Friday Sex on a Train


Parting from you is such sweet sorrow.”

“Bullshit. You love every minute we are together, and yet the moment we arrive at the station, it’s like we are total strangers.” She rubbed her high heels against his shin.

“You’re right. I have to divorce myself from our passions, else I’d want to fuck you senseless right there on the bench.” His voice was hoarse with passion, his cock stiffening.

She smiled. “I doubt that.”

Taking off her shoe, he pulled her foot up into his lap, rubbing it against his cock. She moaned. Wriggling her toes, she felt his cock throb. Kicking off the other shoe, she trapped his erection between her feet. He undid his zip, and freed his cock. Her feet made a tunnel of warm flesh for him to fuck.”Oh damn. Oh yes.” He arched up, as her feet caressed him. Moments later, he spilled himself across her toes. Before she could move, he licked clean each foot in turn. She squirmed, but he wouldn’t release her. Slipping her shoes back on, he leaned forward. His hand ran up her skirt, fingering her wet clit until she exploded.

He smiled. “See you next week.”

“If you’re lucky.”


I almost didn’t manage this week. We are on vacation and drove nearly 900 miles today. While Wolf showered, I wrote. 20 minutes. Hope you like my bit of film Noir!

This week’s challenge was:

Key Words: Parting, Station

Word Limit: 200 Forbidden Words: Discreet,Forbidden,Tryst

Extra Credit: Name the train and the destination

5 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Sex on a Train

Add yours

  1. Brilliant, and while I do not like the foot fetish thing, you described this in such a sexy way, I could see the appeal.
    Brilliant, really, especially for 20 mins. Glad you found time to join!

    1. Foot fetishes aren’t my thing either, but I’m glad that I did a good job of describing it. 🙂

      As for most of my stuff, it averages out to about 20-30 minutes per FFF. 🙂 I think I’ve been doing FFF the longest of any of us, so I’ve gotten better at the time issue.

  2. So happy you made the effort to write from the road. This might be a bit dangerous to try while driving, but trains, now trains are a special place. Remind me to tell you about my foot job some time. Chess was never the same again.

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