On the Road

Just in case you missed the comments, Wolf and I are on the road. A bit of a combo vacation and business trip. More vacation for me than him. At the same time, the laptop keyboards are a pain in the ass to work with, so we are ‘story boarding’ the next Shifter story. Things like:

  • who dies next?
  • where are they?
  • why have they been gone/quiet for so long?

And lots of other questions. Plus, I’m working on a genealogical chart so that I can keep ALL of the characters straight. At the moment, I have a notebook and about 15 sheets of paper floating around with characters, notes, birth/death dates, etc. Wolf has promised to help.

I’m also working to finish up Vortex. (shush! it will take a chapter or two, so quit your fussing!) Along with that there is the new story, Twisted Delights. 🙂

Time to get some stuff done! Enjoy the archives while I’m gone. Who knows, there may be stories that you’ve pa

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  1. Enjoy yourselves and get some relaxation. hopefully my computer will be back eventually so i can read and write on a screen bigger than my thumb. At least i found my pointer so this should at least be readable.

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