Flash Fiction Friday Fireworks!




Kezzie had been having a great time on vacation. A hotel in the middle of the tropics provided the ultimate luxuries. Beautiful temperatures, good food, and a private enclosed swimming pool. No bugs, smoky fires, raunchy drunk neighbors one campsite over, and no flimsy tent.

Better yet, she had her own vacation mate. A rent-a-man. Davo came when she needed him. The night before, they had great sex. He’d licked her pussy until she’d cum so hard that the sheets were soaked. He fucked her with his magnificent 9 inch cock until she spasmed with more orgasms. It had been wonderful, and all about her. He’d woken her with a slow fingering massage that once more left her limp with pleasure. Tonight he’d promised to make her squeal with delight with sex by the pool side.

Kezzie had worn her stars and stripes bikini. After all, it was the 4th of July weekend. The pool was just the right temperature and she was walking over towards the pool futon where Davo planned to meet her at midnight.

Behind her the door opened and slammed. She swore she could smell barbecue smoke. Turning around there were two strange men. “I’m sorry, you’re in the wrong dome.”

“No we ain’t honey.”

“Naw, we paid for a fantasy night with a rich bitch, and yer it.” He moved towards Kezzie.

“Really, you have the wrong dome!” She started to back away towards the other exit.

“Nope. Yer rentacock sent us. Seems he’s got some extra debts to pay.”


The two men walked over and dropped their swim trunks. “Let Freedom Ring!”

“Oh damn,” she moaned, looking at their thick, swollen cocks. She laid back on the futon followed by the rednecks.

Davo smiled from the door.




I tried to figure out what would be a good vacation. Now, I like camping, being up away from civilization and all that, but some people… to them, roughing it is not having smoked salmon and micro-brew beer available in the room fridge. So, looking at the apprehension on the woman’s face decided it. What could be worse than having your whole vacation hijacked? Hope you enjoyed this story. Check out Advizor’s blog and see what everyone else came up with. 🙂

Our challenge this week:

Key Phrase: “Let Freedom Ring”

Word Limit: 294

Forbidden Words: Independence, Revolution

Extra Credit: Tell me how I came up with the word limit

Bonus Words: Tell us about a special holiday Romp


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