He’d shut his phone off, and locked the bedroom door. There had been one interruption after another and it was getting on his nerves. Kayla was waiting for him wearing a brand new baby doll nighty. Lots of lace, sheer panels and just a bit cheeky. Sitting down on the bed, he motioned for her to lay across his lap. Kayla did, and she felt him caress her ass through the silky panties. Then his hand came down hard.



“Three.” He continued on until he reached 20. He soothed Kayla’s reddened ass and then stood her up.

“Only 33 more to go Daddy.”

“Yes, and you are doing very well.” Even though it was his birthday, she got the spankings.


Ding Dong! Ding Dong!


“Who is at the door this time?” He grabbed his bathrobe and headed downstairs to the front door. When he got there, there was a big box on the front porch. There was no sign of any delivery person either.

“Kayla, did you order anything?”

“No Daddy.” She too had put on a robe and had come down stairs.

“Well, this box is too big to get in the door. I need a box cutter.” He headed to the kitchen and got one out of the drawer. He came back and before he cut the box, he noticed it had a tag on it that said, “Pull to Open.”
He pulled the tag, and to his surprise, the box began to unfold. Inside were four people dressed as Vikings. The one in front handed him a scroll. On it it said: “Happy Birthday Southern Sir! Love from all your Blogging friends.” He smiled, and the quartet began to sing:

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  1. Thats the last time i check in at 06:30 hrs you need a cup of tea before seeing a sight lile that LOL . Lovely little tale. May your sail never rip. May your oar never break and may your ship always be filled.

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