Flash Fiction Friday Higher Ed.

“I’ve had it. One more time, and I’ll lose it.”

“Right. We’ve been screwing on my desk for how long?”

“Six years, fifteen weeks, and two days.” She was tapping her fingers on said desk, blotter replete with cum stains from yesterday.

“You’ve never complained before.” He sighed.

“Yes, I have. You’ve taped my mouth shut, stuffed my undies in for a gag, and turned up the radio.”

“You said you wanted to be submissive.”

“I’m tired of bruises on my hips, ass and breasts from your desk, not your hand or that damn riding crop of yours!”

He laughed. “Oh, let’s get down to the real issue. You don’t want to share. Or should I say you don’t want to be passed around like a bottle of cheap wine.”

She fumed. He had been using her abominably. Last time he’d let forty-five undergrads use her. It had been disgusting. Cum dripping down her thighs, and a nasty little STD. The worst though had been the comments about her using her body to buy a degree. Those snot nosed, pimple faced jerks didn’t even recognize that she was the head of the department!

He leaned forward and patted her hand. “Just relax. We can always stuff a pillow under your ass.”

“Fuck you!”

“No, that’s what I do to you.” He stood up and walked out, jogging a little to catch up to a student.

She followed him. Standing in the middle of the grounds, she ripped off her dress. “Better look! This is the last time you see me, or this institution!”

He turned, looked, and laughed.


Well, I’m late. Granted, I have a rather good excuse as far as I’m concerned. I have a new desk. 🙂 No Advizor, no pics. You’ll just have to imagine me sitting at my new desk, breeze wafting across my skin, sunlight a warm glow in the room and the smile on my face.

For the record, I couldn’t download the pic. I’m going to try and link to it, but if you readers can’t see the pic, head over to Advizor’s blog and take a peek.

Today’s challenge:

Key Words: One More Time

Word Limit: 269

Forbidden Words: Professor, Tears, Road

Extra Credit: Take off your shirt as you write

Bonus Words: Send someone a picture of you writing

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  1. Computer finally back so any mistakes are now my own 🙂 This was a tickler sending the readers imagination on further adventures great.

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