Twisted Delights (2)

James spent the summer reading the diary, and discovering just how perverted R, G and J really were. He laughed when he realized that the three people in the paints in the main hall were those same individuals. Today, his mission was to get into the Greek folly.

After ditching Alice and the footman, he took the set of keys hanging by the back door and headed out into the gardens. There were vegetables, herbs and flowers on the gardens close to the manse. A huge patio with a low railing looked out over the formal lawns. Off in the distance, hidden by a lilac hedge was the folly.

Follies, those quaint odd buildings that Englishmen were so enamored with usually were modeled after temples or castles. This one was a Greek temple. It took three tries to find the right key. Opening the door was a challenge as the hinges were stiff. Once inside, he turned on his electric torch. The light played over dusty statues, old furniture and other oddities. Moving closer, he realized that some of the statues were…

“Fucking? Fucking statues?” James laughed. It didn’t take him long to figure out that the folly must have been built by Ralph Burleigh, his very distant ancestor. Walking around he found a a large marble altar, complete with shackles still attached. He wondered just what it had been used for. He’d have to check the diary and see if anything had been said. After a brief look at a latticed covered wall, he locked the building up and headed back to the manse.


“Lookit you! Covered in muck. Where you bin?”

“I was digging around in one of the old outbuildings near the barn, Nanny Alice.”

She ruffled his hair, sending a shower of dust everywhere. “Go clean up. Tea’s ready.”

James smiled and headed upstairs.


After tea, he dug out the diary.


Dear Diary,


We had the most lovely party. Everyone dressed up and we played a lovely game of hide the cock! If you were found, you were tupped. If you weren’t, you got to pick who tupped you. Then, towards the end, we were in the temple. Ralph and James tied me to the marble altar and took turns tupping me in front of all the guests. It was terrifying and so exciting all at the same time.


James masturbated furiously while thinking about what had been written in the diary. When he finished, he cleaned up and tucked the little book back into his book case.


The summer went too quickly, and before he knew it, it was time to leave. He locked the tower and hid the keys in his own room. It would be some time before he returned. He hugged Nanny Alice, said goodbye to the rest of the staff and headed off to Woolwich.

The Royal Military Academy was rough. Training was hard, and the fights within the ranks could be brutal. The outbreak of World War II meant that training went from theory to reality. James moved up in the academic ranks. His small size, barely 5ft 5inches, made him the cadet most likely to be beaten.

He’d barely gotten out of the shower when a pillowcase dropped over his head, and a belt tightened around it. Rough hands shoved him onto a bench, and held his legs apart. He knew what was coming as he’d seen some of the other cadets receive the same treatment. Face down on the bench, he felt the warm spit hit his ass, moments before the first hard cock thrust it’s way in. James gritted his teeth so as not to cry out. He tried to relax his body to lessen the possibility of injury. One cadet had ended up in hospital with a torn rectum because he’d struggled.

By the third cock, his ass was greased with cum. When the last one finished, he lay there trying to recover. James pulled off the belt and pillowcase and headed back to the shower. At some point he’d cum himself, and was a sticky mess.


Three nights later, James had his revenge. He’d known the voices of his rapists. One by one, he hunted them down and returned the favour. The last one he left tied to the banister of the main staircase. A riding crop had been stuffed up the cadet’s ass, and a sign reading “Bugger me senseless” was taped to his back.


A week later, James left with ninety cadets to Palestine. Most of them were due to enter the S.A.S. once the short tour of duty was finished. They were there to run errands and deliver messages. It also got them out of England were the bombs were landing in the countryside like rain drops.

While he was there, James discovered women and covert operations. He excelled at both. James realized that he shared some of his ancestors kinky ideas on what constituted good sex. Courier during the day and playboy at night lead him to discover the shadowy underworld of the military spy. Information he learned while fucking the French ambassador’s maid was traded for tips from the Soviet attaché and for possible troop movements from the Americans. That he didn’t mind what sex he fucked or was fucked by made him a very desirable commodity. As the war came to a close, James moved up in rank and responsibility. He moved into the 21st Battalion, S.A.S. and became an expert in counter terrorism and special ops. James also became a Dom, after a very interesting weekend in Soho.

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