Flash Fiction Friday Service

Her entrance should have been amazing, but not silent. She’d been bathed and dressed precisely to the standards that Lord Duncan desired. As the clock chimed, she’d stood up, opened the sliding doors and waited. Waited in silence as her nipples crinkled. Her panties were damp. Her body hummed with anticipation. Standing there in visual darkness, knowing herself exposed to the world had her body on the edge of orgasm.

She didn’t understand why there was silence. Not daring to move, she kept her body poised. Chest high, legs just so. She strained to hear if there was anyone else in the room. No sound. No scent except floor polish and a faint scent of lime. Her pulse began to race, and a sheen of sweat broke out on her skin. Were they displeased with her? Her body vibrated with need.

“Come,” said a deep voice.

She exploded in orgasm.




Lord Duncan waited. Her entrance had been perfectly timed. She stood, poised like a marble diva. He smiled. She did well, her body barely gave any clue to her distress. She’d been told that there would be someone waiting for her when she appeared.

The five gentlemen buyers waited in perfect silence. They watched her reactions to silence. Perky nipples and the enticing aroma of wet pussy wafted towards them. Each lifted a card with a bid written on it. Two men bowed out.

“Come,” said Lord Duncan.

Her orgasm was explosive. Holding the doorframe, her knees nearly buckled and the scent of her made the three men scrabble for their bid cards. Each wrote a number. Lord Duncan smiled and pointed to the man on the left. He handed Duncan a card which was swiped and returned.

While the other men left, he walked forward and claimed his prize.





I wasn’t sure where to take this one at first. Part of it sang of Upstairs, Downstairs. Yet in my mind it was clearly an auction. In stepped Lord Duncan and Poof! 🙂 I put six other people in the room besides her. As for bonus… nah. Not this time. Done in 27 minutes.

Our challenge this week was:


Keywords: entrance or exit, but not both.

Forbidden words: blindfold, slave, slut

Bonus words: tell us about your first experience with a blindfold or sensory deprivation.

Extra credit: put more than two people in the room, but don’t let the extras touch.

Word count: 150 words from her perspective and 150 from another

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  1. this little tidbitts kinda calls for a longer one story with lord duncan to explain who they got to this and what happens after 😉 i can see lord duncan having had a night/day with her and be very pleased, also finding out she doesn’t mind strangers and this was actually a set up, that’s she’s to be the man’s for X amount of days before she returns to lord duncans.
    hint hint hihi

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