Flash! Boom! Fizzle!!!

This could have been a picture of us last night. We had a tremendous lightning storm, followed by rain that washed out roads, alleys and driveways. One blast of lightning went off so close that I didn’t even get to “One Thousand” before the thunder deafened me. Three blasts later, everything went dark. It knocked out power around 4pm. We finally got power back around 10pm. It was late enough, that we just went to bed.

What we didn’t realize is that the internet was also knocked out. So, we got up this morning and I had planned to write. Well, at first we thought that the storm had just knocked our modem for six. Nope. Wolf checked, and while all was alright with our equipment, there was no “mom” to call home to. I called our ISP, and sure enough, there was an “area wide outage.”

So we waited. We did other things. At one point, Wolf drove down to a hot spot he knew of that had fiber. Yes, they had a connection. He hopped on for a little as he had a hangout he needed to attend. Meanwhile, I listened to music on my tablet that I had previously downloaded.

Then I heard a beep. The internet had returned!!!

So, hopefully, if life throws no more curve balls, I should have a story up in a day or so. Vortex needs a new chapter. 🙂



5 thoughts on “Flash! Boom! Fizzle!!!

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  1. we’ve had wild and wacky weather in the northeast too, including a tornado at a beachside town that did a TON of damage. No serious injuries, but wow…has it ever been strange. Today is *chilly*…around 72. (but I LOVE it!)


  2. We had one that did that several weeks ago, no electricity for 20hours, no internet, also no cell phone service for nearly 8 hours.
    The wind was scary that night.
    Glad you two are safe.

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