Flash Fiction Friday Call Girl?

call girl

Shelly sat on the bed, and pulled him closer to her. “Tell me your fantasies.”

“I… I want to make love to a woman with big tits. Rub my dick between them and spray my cum all over her chin.”

She smiled. “Well, would my breasts do?”

“Oh yeah. Oh yeah.” He dropped his pants and grabbed his cock. It was growing harder by the second.

She leaned forward, cupping her breasts together to form a valley for his cock to plow. “Stroke the head. Rub that cock up and down. Yes, just like that. Oh baby,” she moaned softly.

He leaned forward towards her breasts. He stroked his cock faster and faster. His breath came in panting gasps. The pleasure flowed over his body.

“You can do it. My skin is so hot for your cock. Feel the sweat greasing the path? Making it slick? Oh baby, come on. Fuck my breasts.” She moved in concert to his rhythmic strokes. She could feel the tension build and knew that he’d come very soon. The thrusts of his cock blurred until he shuddered and white cum spurted up in a fountain. Dropping back on the bed, he groaned out his pleasure.

A silly smile showed on his face. “Thank you.”

She clicked off the screen just as Jessica walked into the room.

“Are you still doing that stuff?”

“Yeah! Now I can charge for it.”

“You did it? You set up a Paypal account?”

“Sure did! It was easy. My birthday was yesterday. I keep telling you it’s profitable.”

“I don’t know.” Jessica sat down next to Shelly. “I don’t think I could keep a straight face while people jerk off in front of their webcams.”

Shelly laughed. “It’s easy. If you’re afraid to show your face, wear a pretty mask. Or, do like Grandma did.”

“Grandma?” Jessica looked at her cousin in horror.

“Uhuh! Grandma did phone sex. You know what a lovely smoky voice she has. How do you think she use to pay for those vacations she took?”

“Oh!Oh damn! I never knew! How did you find out?”

“I spent the night one time and overheard her. So, I asked.”

“Is that why you started?”

“Of course! It’s a family tradition!”


“I do Internet sex. Grandma did phone sex. Her mom was a whorehouse Madame, and her mom was a whore!”

Jessica laughed. “Whore’s R Us!”


Yeah, I’m a bit late. Been under the weather with some sort of stomach bug. Oh, and the rain. I feel like I live in the Pacific Northwest, not in the high desert of the Rocky Mountains.

Our challenge this week was:

Word Limit: 350

From Kdokers

Forbidden Words: Money, Regret

Extra Credit: Tell us if you’ve ever paid for sex, on-line or off

Bonus Words: 50 if you make her barely legal, barely

I took the bonus words. 🙂 As for extra credit, I’ve never paid for it, but was once asked if I’d consider doing phone sex. The guy liked my voice. Really liked my voice. Didn’t bother. I took another bet and started writing Erotica instead.

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