Vortex (12)

I almost left this story with the last chapter. It seemed a good place to stop. However, I kept seeing this scene. So, I decided to write a few more chapters. 

I know that the stories have been a little thin on the ground. Okay, A LOT thin. Life has been crazy, and I’m lucky I hit the pillow before the alarm goes off. I hope this lightens up towards the end of August.


He looked around and saw that the kitchen was empty except for Sadie. Moving quickly behind Sadie, he pulled her skirts up and fingered her until she was dripping despite her protests. Her hands were deep in the bread dough, and she couldn’t do anything to ward off his advances.

Smiling, he moved in behind her and thrust quickly. Her gasps were punctuated by his thrusts.

“Oh, oh Damn! Ken!”

“No one will see. Hold on.”

She giggled and laughed trying her hardest not to end up face down in the bread dough. The crescendo of orgasm was building. Ken’s breath came faster and faster until he slammed hard against her ass as he came. As he sagged against her body, he reached around, fingered her to a quick lovely orgasm and then pulled out. He tucked himself in and pulled her skirts down. Giving her a quick kiss on the neck, he left the kitchen with a smile on his face.

Sadie went back to kneading the dough, trying not to think about the cum slowly moving down her thighs. She’d have to get the bread done before she could clean up. Ten minutes later, the loaves were shaped and she headed off to the bathroom. Her one sock was wet, and her panties were soaked. She cleaned up, changed panties and headed out to the herb garden.

It wasn’t the first time he’d done something like this. After they’d come back from the south, things had worked out better between them. Ken was more relaxed and playful. Kirsty had laughed and joked about how nice a guy could be when his balls weren’t ‘congested’. Nanny called it testosterone poisoning.

Sadie was getting bigger, and to be honest, sex while fun, was getting a little more difficult to manage. On her knees or standing were about the only comfortable positions, and Ken took every advantage of that. Last week it had been while she was ironing. She’d only slightly scorched the apron she’d been ironing.

She looked around before she began to weed the herb bed. Last thing she needed was to be on her hands and knees in the mint with Ken in a randy mood.

Ken was smiling. He hummed as he worked the sawmill.

“You’re happy.”

“Yeah, George, I am. I think I finally figured this whole relationship thing out.”


Ken nodded. “It isn’t all about me. It’s about sharing and making sure both of us are happy.”

George laughed. “Amazing how nice you can be when you’re getting’ laid.”

Ken punched him in the arm. “No, I mean it. I was a selfish bastard. Nanny was right. So was Sadie. It took almost losing her in that tornado to ‘wake me up’.”

George laughed and walked off shaking his head.

“Kirsty, do all babies move this much?” Sadie was taking a break from weeding and the baby was doing gymnastics. Her shift moved.

“Yes. They get real quiet the day or so before birth. They they’re noisy until they move out of the house.” Kirsty smiled. Some of the other women in the shade of the big oak nodded in agreement.

“Nanny say how much longer?” asked one of the women.

“We figure just around the first snow of the season. I didn’t keep a good calendar, so it’s a lot of guessing.” Sadie put a hand over her bump.

“You got all the clothes ready?”

“No. I’m not much good at sewing,” Sadie admitted.

“Well, we can fix that.” Nanny’s voice startled them all. “We can all do some sewing and teach Sadie what she lacks.”

There were plenty of nods as Nanny walked off. Sadie was just a bit upset.


“Yes Sadie.” He rolled towards her in the feather bed. The windows were open for the breeze, and they laid on top of the sheets cooling off after sex.

“I need some stuff for the baby.”

“You have a cradle. What else do you need?”

“Blankets, clothes, diapers.”

“Do you need them, or the stuff to make them?” He knew she’d be asking. Nanny had pulled him aside before dinner. Nanny wanted Ken to encourage Sadie to learn some new things.

“I… I don’t know if I sew well enough. I can knit a bit, but Mama did most of that.”

Ken raised up on one elbow and looked at Sadie. “You are gonna have to learn. We’ll get you the stuff, but this is something you can’t just buy.”

Sadie slumped against the pillow.

“Don’t go pouting.”

“It’s not fair!”

Ken rolled Sadie towards him, and as her ass rolled upwards, he smacked her hard.


Ken landed ten swats on her ass. “Better learn.”

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  1. ” oh were some power the giftie gie us
    tae see oorsels as ithers see us
    it wad frae mony a blunder free us
    and foolish notion”

    jings i am turned into nanny i didnt think i was that anoying :). Another fine installment

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