Twisted Delights (3)

Don’t Faint! I actually had time to write! (bounce! bounce! bounce!)

A few weeks earlier…

The club was nondescript from the outside. The ‘pub sign’ showed a stately oak with a mass of acorns piled around the base of the tree. James and his mates walked in to find a classic décor that filled the room. A gentleman in a butler styled maitre d livery stepped up to greet them.

“How may I assist you gentleman? My name is Jeeves.”

Gregory, who had invited the others stepped forward. “We are interested in a night of evocative entertainment.”

“Would you gentlemen be interested in a menu? Or just ala carte?”

“Ala carte and a private dining room.”

“This way sirs.” Jeeves bowed slightly and gathered up a smaller menu than he’d originally grabbed and headed down the length of the dining room and through a heavy oak door. James, Gregory, Declan and Mark followed. They were escorted to another room, which held comfortable seats, a decent table and what looked to be a small stage with velvet draped items.

“Here are your menus. Zelda will be in to take your orders in a few minutes. If you have need of my services at any time, pleas use the bell pull.” He pointed to the damask pull on the wall near the door. Jeeves then departed.

“Gregory, what’s with all the menu business? Why do we have these if we are going ala carte?” asked Mark.

“You’ll see. Decide what you want to eat, and trust me about the rest.” Gregory smiled, as the only one he’d explained anything to had been James. A few minutes later, the door opened and in walked a woman with a frilly apron held to her body by clips attached to her nipples and a ribbon around her waist. There were no panties or bra. The rest of her outfit consisted of a small frilly cap and high heels. She walked over to the table where the men sat and looked down at the floor.

“How may I help you Sirs?”

“Are you Zelda?” asked Gregory.

“Yes Sir. Would you like to order food and drinks?”

The men gave their orders and she whisked the menus away. They admired her ass as she departed.

“What kind of place did you bring us?” asked Declan.

Gregory smiled. “This is a um.. very old club. While other clubs specialize in exploring or horses, this one is all about pleasure. Kinky pleasure. Bondage, Dominants and submissives, and anything you can imagine.”

“You.. you mean if we wanted to have Zelda for a good time, she’d do it?”

“Yes. Or, they would find someone who fit your needs.”

“So, if I wanted to spank her or tickle her and then shag her senseless, it would be alright?”

“Yes, Declan. Or, if you wanted to be spanked like a naughty school boy, I’m sure they could find a Naughty Nanny or Stern Headmistress to do it.” Gregory smiled.

“I’ve heard about places like this, but never thought they’d be so swank,” said Mark.

James smiled. He’d shared some of the diary stories with Gregory on long night watches and had been looking forward to visiting the club. He’d been working on some of his own ‘fancies’ ever since he’d discovered that room and it’s treasures.

Zelda returned with their drinks. “Is there anything else I can get for you Sirs?”

Mark blushed. Declan started to speak, and closed his mouth. Gregory and James exchanged looks and then James spoke.

“Yes. I’d like a playtoy. Someone to suck my cock while we relax before dinner.”

“Yes Sir. I will send someone in right away.” She turned and left the room.

“Do you really think she will?” asked Declan.

“Yes. She’s what is called a submissive. It is her duty and pleasure to see to our needs,” said Gregory.

A moment later, a slim blonde dressed in the same fashion as Zelda minus the heels, came and knelt in front of James. “Sir, may I suck your cock?”

“Yes.” James arched his hips forward a little which allowed her to unzip his trousers and free his semi erect cock. She leaned forward and wrapped her lips around him. Slowly and gently, she moved up and down on his cock. James groaned and placed a hand on the back of her head, holding her closer as his hips began to arch upwards. It didn’t take much longer for him to gasp and then pump his cum deep into her throat. As he melted back into the chair, she cleaned him up with her tongue and then a napkin.

“Much better. Any of you care for a go?” James smiled and sipped his whiskey.

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  1. So he wasn’t always a naughty old man once upon a time he was a naughty young man.

    All that bouncing is giving me a headache you have way to much energy.

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