Flash Fiction Friday Knickers in a twist


“Fuckin’ boyfriend!” Shelly tossed back her third beer. It was suppose to have been an engagement party. Lots of influential people, a new dress that clung like a second skin, and the man of her dreams. Right up until he walked over with a blond cunt on his arm, laughing and giggling.

“What do you mean this is a breakup party?” she’d hissed.

“Well, I had a bet. Bet I could date, and fuck you with just the promise of a ring. I won.”

That was when she’d punched him. As the blood ran down his face, and he screamed that his ‘Nodz iz bwoken!’, she’d tipped the table full of expensive food, slung her handbag across the bar spilling bottles and drinks everywhere. Then Shelly and her friends stormed out of the Ritz.

Now they were in Bob’s BBQ and Bar, drinking Coors and eating buffalo wings.

“Now this is my kinda party.”

“Yeah, too much money and no brains at the other.” Shelly finished her beer.

“Ladies, it’s 3am, and I’m closin’ down. Ya’ll drive safe.”

The three women paid their tab and wobbled out of the bar. They didn’t make it home, but parked in the JQ Baptist parking lot on 3rd.


Sunlight streamed in the window.

“Wha time is it?”


“Shit! We got thirteen minutes before church!” Shelly cried as the three women clambered about trying to make themselves presentable. They knew that they needed to be in church before Shelly’s ex-fiance showed.

Shelly grabbed a pair of panties and stepping out of the car began to wriggle them up. “Oh crap, these aren’t my panties!” Shelly laughed. She pulled them back off and tugged on the too tight dress, trying to make it presentable. It had been a long night, and her image as a good “go to church kinda girl” was so blown. Heads held high, the three women sauntered into church.



I really should get extra credit for this piece! 17 minutes and on a day when I am scrambling to get ready for vacation. (I’m writing this on Tuesday!) I had a lot of fun with this piece. Our Dear Advizor set this scene:

Key Words: Breakup, Boyfriend

Word Limit: 350

Forbidden Phrase: Walk of Shame

Bonus Words: She’s a good church girl most of the time.

Extra Credit: Oh crap, these aren’t my panties!

I’ll read and comment (hopefully) when I get back from vacation. No computers, phones, electric lights! Just me and a couple hundred people enjoying a nice little bit of the Middle Ages.


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