Flash Fiction Friday Complications


“You’re mad at me.”

“No, just frustrated.”

“Wasn’t it good? You kept flirting with me at the office. Pinching my nipples, cupping my ass at the printer, and kisses in the break room. Doesn’t that mean anything to you?”

Dora thought about the passionate sex. The hot sweaty lesbian sex. It had been good. Some of the best she’d had in ages. Her cunt still tingled. Her breasts ached as she buttoned her blouse. “Yeah, it was good. I got carried away. I… we should never have done this.”

“Well, it’s a little late to have regrets.”

Dora nodded. In the aftermath of the great sex, she realized that she did care about Jenny. “I was unprofessional.”

“What’s so bad about an office romance? Really.”

“What’s bad is that I’ll be thinking about you instead of business.”

“So. You’d be thinking about me or us even if we didn’t work together.”

“Yeah, but in a different way. You wouldn’t be right there. Distracting me. Smelling so good I want to craw right back into bed with you.”

Jenny had to agree. “So, how are we going to handle this? I don’t want to go back to being alone. I really like you.”

Dora nodded. “Your choice. Sexual harassment charge from you or I can just say you weren’t doing your job. Either way.”

Jenny got out of bed, wrapped her arms around Dora. “I quit.”


Ah, vacation was good, yet over too soon. I’m hoping to get caught up with all the mundane stuff and get writing. 🙂 Our dear Muse, Advizor set a devious puzzle for us this time. I took the extra credit. 🙂 His requirements were:

Key Words – Aftermath, Regrets

Word Limit – 250

Forbidden Words – BFF, Girlfriend

Bonus Words -Earn 25 for making them co-workers, 25 more if one reports to the other.

Extra Credit – Tell us about your work-place indiscretions.

As for workplace indiscretions… um… Yeah right. Being self employed makes that rather difficult. Mugging Wolf by crawling under his desk and teasing him with a blow job while he’s having an online meeting doesn’t count. 🙂

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  1. I’d say have countless sex so the urge isn’t so strong while at work. A time for work and a time for play. Loving the short story challenges btw. 😉

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