Twisted Delights (4)

The steaks and vegetables had been excellent. The beer, local and decent, and the whiskey, prewar. As they ate peach cobbler drizzled with peach brandy, Zelda and the other girl began to whisk the velvet covers off of the mystery furniture. A bench with rings at one end as well as a large cross in the shape of an X appeared. There was also a two shelf trolley covered in whips, paddles and other odd instruments.

“What are they going to do?” asked Declan.

“Just watch.” Gregory smiled and pointed towards the stage.

After a few moments, Zelda and the girl finished the preparations and then knelt facing the men at the table. Jeeves entered and stood next to the women.

“Gentleman, tonight we will demonstrate a number of entertainments. If you would care to participate, you are welcome. If you care to just watch, that is fine. If you have questions, please ask.” He then turned to Zelda and gestured for her to straddle the short bench. When she had done so, he quickly snapped a set of cuffs on her wrists and then attached them to the bench. “If you would care to inspect?”

Gregory walked up and cupped her sex in his hand. “She’s slightly damp.”

Jeeves nodded and then gestured for Gregory to sit down. Then he turned and proceeded to spank Zelda with his hand. The loud retorts muffled her cries. Then Jeeves turned and picked up a riding crop. He striped Zelda’s ass until she had a lovely checkerboard of welts. “Would you care to inspect?”

This time James walked up and inspected Zelda. “She’s soaked. Absolutely dripping.”

“Indeed. A well trained slut will always react this way,” said Jeeves. He then took the other girl and attached her to the large X, which he explained was called a St. Andrew’s Cross. As before, he spanked, whipped and then rewarded the girl. Her juices literally dripped on the floor. Each of the men took turns spanking or whipping one of the girls.

Declan stood with whip in one hand and his cock straining against his trousers. “Can… can Zelda suck me off?”

Jeeves nodded. He watched the reactions of the four men and noted that James after the initial blow job was well under control. He was also watching everyone in the room. As the evening drew to a close, Jeeves handed James a card. “In case you have questions,” was all he said.

Three weeks later, James entered the club. It had been a difficult assignment, and he felt the need for release. More than just the fast fuck he’d had with his secretary. When Jeeves approached, he solicited a menu and asked for a very specific selection. Jeeves nodded and escorted him to a well padded room towards the back.

James stood and looked at the St. Andrew’s cross with some apprehension. He sat and waited for the dominatrix to enter the room. He never heard her, but felt the kiss of the whip on his cheek. He undressed as requested,and stood to be cuffed to the cross. Spread on the cross face down, his back was exposed, and his cock rested just under the center. He was secure and exposed. He tested the cuffs.

“Don’t worry. They are tight,” the Dominatrix said with an eastern European accent.

“Good. I wouldn’t want to pull free.”

“You won’t.” That was the last she said as she began to apply the whip across his back and thighs. At first, he clenched his jaw and refused to cry out. She laughed and continued to apply strokes of the whip mixed with caresses. He gasped when the tip of the whip bit his inner thigh, and struck across his balls.

Before he could say anything, she changed to a riding crop and intensified the strokes nearer and nearer his balls. It stung and yet… he could feel his cock swell and his balls tighten. His body arched in anticipation of the pleasure and pain. His orgasm was seconds away when she stopped.

“Not yet. Not until I say you can come.” She stroked his body, lighting up all of his pained nerves. When they’d calmed, and his erection had begun to soften, she began again. Three times she repeated this until at last he thought he could not hold back a moment longer. The tension arched him backwards. Then she walked up behind him and whispered in his ear.

James came hard. So hard that his body shuddered and went limp. He felt the tears trace down his face, and the surfeit of emotions drained through him. When she released him from the cross, he fell limp to the floor. It was a blissful, painful moment. So empty and yet so complete.

James later learned that the Dominatrix’s name was Marta. He found sweet release on the cross and later became her student. Within a few months, he moved from ‘virgin’ to Dom. There had been a lot of laughter in the club the night he became a lord. He joked that he was one twice over, and no one was certain whether it was the truth or not. Even Jeeves didn’t know everything about this small man with the military manner.

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