Flash Fiction Friday Camp Frustrations


The playa dust was everywhere. People covered up as they walked the Black Rock desert. Camps, artworks and various structures appeared serendipitously when the fog lifted. Genna lounged on a black tarp, frustrated that she couldn’t find the Artemis of Ephesus pavilion. She wriggled around, trying to get comfortable.

Kief and Dira had been fucking when their tent collapsed in the wind. Mindless to the noise around them, they continued. Kief was about to reach climax, when suddenly there was a weight pressing the tarp down on top of him. Thrusting rapidly, he came and collapsed on top of Dira. The weight moved and settled heavy against his shoulder. His erection pinned him in place. Dira tried to wriggle, but couldn’t. Each movement brushed against her clit, sending her pussy into spasms and the grip kept Kief’s cock stiff. She tried to muffler her gasps.

Genna, finally realized what she sat on and smiled.


This was a fast easy write. I’ve had a lover that frequented Burning Man, and told me many a tale of crazy sex, life and playa dust. So, I let my imagination run. 9 minutes for this one. 🙂

Advizor’s challenge this week was:

Key Phrase – When the fog lifted/settled (choose one)
Word Limit – 204
Forbidden Words – apocolypse, Max, Burning, stench
Bonus Words – Tell us what’s under the tarp
Extra Credit – 50 words extra if you strangest outfit you have ever worn, or wanted to wear during an orgasm

As for the extra credit… nope. That’s between me and Wolf.

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