Birthday Antics

Lynne curled up behind Quin, her arm wrapping around his waist. She stroked his skin in a sleepy soft way, and fell asleep.

She awoke later, as something nudged her wrist. Swimming up towards a more conscious point, she realized that it was Quin’s cock. Her hand trailed over the soft head and it responded with a twitch. Lynne wrapped her hand around and gently stroked. “One, two, three…” she counted silently. Quin rolled on his back, his hips arching up as she continued to stroke. “Twenty-seven, twenty-eight…”

Quin dreamed that he was stroking in and out of Lynne, only he couldn’t feel her weight on him. He woke from the dream to find Lynne’s hand on his cock and her head on his chest. “Wwhat are you up to sweetie?”

Lynne turned to face him, her hand halting for a moment. “I’m um… giving you an alternative to spanking.”

“What?” Quin’s voice caught as she began to stroke again.

“Well, you know what day it is.”

Quin blinked. Her attentions to his cock was making it difficult to think. “Um… Tuesday?”

“Yes. What else?”


Lynne laughed. “Forty-one, forty-two, forty-three…”

Then it dawned on Quin. “It’s my birthday.”

“Yes. And that makes fifty-one strokes.” Lynne kissed the throbbing cock and let go.

“But.. I haven’t cum yet.”

“Granted.” She smiled an impish smile.

“Um… Sweetie, can we finish what you started?” Quin reached for Lynne and pulled her to him.

“Well, I’m not sure. Such an old man… You think you’re up to it?” She giggled.

“Old man? Oh you!” He pulled her close, and kissed her. Their limbs tangled up and he rolled on top of her, his fingers tickling her as his cock nudged it’s way inside. When he was almost seated, he thrust hard, grabbing her hips. It was her turn to gasp.

Quin had planned to thrust fifty-one times and stop, but with all of her teasing, he couldn’t hold back at the crucial moment. Lynne’s moans and clenching muscles as she orgasmed tipped him over the edge. Holding tight, he thrust deep and let his orgasm shudder through his body. He felt as if he poured every last drop of liquid deep into Lynne. As he felt himself turn into a pile of loosely connected sinews, he rolled to one side and collapsed on the pillow.

When he’d caught his breath, he rolled towards Lynne, and began to tease her clit. He counted the strokes and stopped right where she had a little bit earlier. He knew that she was right there, ready to explode.

“Qqqquin, please…”

“Oh, I’m not sure you’re up to it, old woman.” He smiled.

“Please? I’m… I’m sorry. Ppplease?”

Quin smiled and fingered her until she exploded.

Some time later, one of them pulled up the covers. Spooned up, they fell asleep.


Just in case you hadn’t guessed. It’s Wolf’s birthday. We had a lovely day and dinner out. 


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