Flash Fiction Friday Regret


The rain soaked them before they’d even left the park. They ran to his apartment. They shivered as he worked the keys out of his pocket.

“Ddamn I’m cold!”

“Strip off,” he said as he pulled off his teeshirt.

“Just get me a towel.”

“Oh come on. My roommate is gone for the weekend. Please, Jasmine?”

She shivered as she nodded and kicked off her shoes. Then she worked her teeshirt over her head. She watched as Greg dropped his shirt to the floor with a wet plop. Heading for the bathroom, he turned on the water to let it warm up.

Jasmine stood against the sink, her nipples peeking through her wet hair as it clung to her breasts. This is a bad idea, she thought. “Greg, just get me a towel. I want to go home.”

He put his arms on either side of the sink, and pushed her until she was perched on the sink. “What’s the matter? Don’t you want to have some fun?” He pressed himself closer. Jasmine turned her head to avoid his kiss.

“I was having fun, but this isn’t anymore. I… I don’t want to have sex. Not today.”

“What’s the matter? Why the regrets all of a sudden? You were all kisses and cuddles before.”

“Yeah, but I don’t know you well enough. I really don’t want to go any farther.”

Greg tried to kiss her again, and once more, she turned away. He was starting to get angry. She’d been a cock tease all day with that sassy little tank top and those swaying hips. His cock was hard. Aching. He reached down and tugged at her jeans, pulling the button free.


“Oh quit teasing me. You know you want it.” He nuzzled closer as she tried to move off of the sink.

“No, I don’t! Let me go.” She tried to move away, and as she glanced towards the door, she saw Dave standing there, his finger to his lips.

Greg was oblivious right up until Dave punched him. he fell to the floor, moaning.

Dave stepped over Greg and handed Jasmine her shirt. “Let me take you home.”

“Thank you,” she said, pulling on her shirt.

“Greg, that was a bad idea.” Dave kicked him for emphasis as they walked out.


13 minutes, plus edits. Advizor tried a new and interesting limit. So glad that my office program tells me characters. 🙂 Our challenge this week was:

Key Phrase:  Bad Idea
Word Limit:  2000 Characters, including Spaces
Forbidden Words: Naked, Shower
Bonus Words:  Tell us about a bad idea of your own.
Extra Credit:  Come up with a new bad idea…..

I didn’t take any bonus words, but… a bad idea of my own… marriage #1. Hope you enjoy my slice of Flash Fiction Friday. Now I’m off to watch more Outlander!(ah kilts!)

8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Regret

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  1. Another good one. Hmm kilts a fine way of showing a good pair of legs, they should definately not be worn if you tossed a sparrow for its legs and it lost.

  2. What an idiot, does he play for the NFL? I love the look on the woman’s face because it’s on the edge of fear and anger, but tinged with resignation. I’m glad she didn’t give in.

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