Flash Fiction Friday Imperfections


Marcy and Dee were relieved when Sheila walked in. They’d been in this stupid pose for over twenty minutes. This ad campaign was just stupid. The book they were suppose to be promoting as cover art was even worse. Some daft romance novel about a threesome, called “Third Wheel”. The two of them had talked about it in the dressing room while they’d waited for Mr. Fancy Pants, John.

“You know, he is an ass. Wouldn’t crack that ‘rich boy’ look if you dropped a load in his lap.”

Dee giggled. She agreed. For someone with an MBA degree, he had all the panache of a bowl of dog drool. “Yeah, this new cover isn’t gonna work any better than that book.”

“Who wrote that piece of trash?”

“Who do you think?”

“Okay, John or Sheila?”

“She did. Thinks she’s some hot kinda erotic writer. All because she read that dumb book.”

Marcy made a face. “That book? The one about…”

“Yup.” Dee looked up at the clock. We better get our butts in there and pree-tend to be hot bitches that just love to suck pussy.”

Marcy laughed.

With faces that wouldn’t melt ice, they walked into the room and waited. John explained what he wanted. They dropped their bathrobs and ‘assumed the position’.

“No, make your fingers touch on her hip.”

Marcy moved her hand.

“Not like that! More like this!” John stood up, moved their fingers and then sat back down.

Dee tried not to fidget, but the sun through the window was burning her ass. Marcy kept having to change position because her mouth was drying out.

John flung himself into the chair in a pout worthy of a five year old.

“John, this just isn’t going to work.”

He looked down on Sheila’s hand on his shoulder. “No, I think you’re right. It just isn’t the right… the right feel.”

“Well then, what are we going to do?”

“Start over.”

“Prima donnas!” the photographer said, shaking his head.

Okay! It’s late at night. 20 minutes, and I still couldn’t figure out a threesome. Oh well. My brain is full of meetings, concerts and getting up too damn early in the morning. Ugh. Hope you like my little warped tale.

Advizor dearest left us with this challenge:

Key Phrase:  “Third Wheel”
Word Limit: 369
Forbidden Words: Lesbian, hooker, prostitute, money, executive
Extra Words:  Explain the hand on his shoulder – 25 extra
Bonus Points:  Sex for one is nice, sex for two is better, but what a threesome or moresome?  Does it get better with more or do you hit diminishing returns?  Tell us in reality or theory.  

As for threesomes and more. They can be fun, but not as a steady diet. BTDT. Got rather tired of it. Novelty makes it fun. Too much of it and you wonder just how many times you can deal with certain aspects. Done the 3 women. Done the two women, one guy. Done the four women, one guy, and two couples at the same time. All a lot of fun, but as I said… once the novelty wears off, it gets a little boring. It can also be difficult to juggle all the bodies at the same time. Mature mindsets help. Jealousy is a pain in the ass. Oh, and it also takes one hell of a play area! Would I do it again? Yes, with the right partners. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Imperfections

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  1. Love this story, and threesomes are still on the “maybe” list at our house. I worry about jealousy. I don’t have time for drama and I certainly don’t want someone else’s drama.

    1. I write most of my FFF in a very short time. 🙂 Heaven help me if I take time to think. That’s how MTJAFT went from a one piece story to umpteen zillion chapters. I gave myself time to think!

  2. Thanks for an interesting take and commentary on erotica blogging in general. I’m sure a lot of models feel just like yours and it was a fun spin on the prompt. i like your review of the challenges of multiple partners. While I’ve never done more than one at a time i’d hate to have to bring a scorecard to bed.

    Thanks for joining in but don’t leave just yet. John, our new host, is ready to take over next week and we’ll get all the links and shortcuts you need to keep playing.

    1. You’re welcome Advizor. And thank you too.

      As for the scorecard… LOL! No, just thought about various adventures after the face. Worst part is when you have two couples in bed, and it’s a free-for-all right up until the point that one of the guys gets twitchy and decides that M/M is just not happening. Sigh…

      As for quitting… I’ll see how it goes. Life has been crazy again.

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