Flash Fiction Friday Seven Deadlies


Dina laughed as Gillian peeled off her knickers. “This is the best Seven Deadlies fancy dress fund raiser ever!” The private clubroom was full of card players in various states of undress.

Joel looked up piously. “Saints preserve us from virgins, dogooders and Protestants!”

“I’d like to know how you haven’t lost a hand yet.” Gillian looked at Joel. He was fully dressed.

“Umm… well, umm… the Lord God helps those who help themselves.” He squirmed in his seat.

Dina looked at Gillian. They moved swiftly around the table, grabbing Joel’s arms. Gillian shook one sleeve and cards fell out. Dina searched his pockets and found more.

“You cheating bastard!”

“It was for a good causes!”

“Yes, your cockstand from the feel of it.” Dina grasped his erection.

“Gentle… pplease.” Joel gasped.

Dina held his cock while Gillian gathered up the money on the table, fished out his wallet and took all but five quid and added it to the collection basket. Joel tried to protest, but Dina had a firm grasp of the situation.

“We think that there should be a wee bit of benefit for us, seein’ as you’ve played us for fools.” Dina smiled.

“Anything! Anything! Just don’t pull it off!”Joel arched off the seat.

The two women smiled. Gillian sat in the chair and spread her legs wide. “Lick up thy mound, from whence cometh thy help.” she misquoted.

Joel sank to his knees as Dina let go. He licked and sucked Gillian’s pussy until she grabbed his head and rode it to orgasm. Then it was Gillian’s turn. Joel wiped his face off and started again. “Oh that he licks the valley of my thighs, I shall not want for orgasm,” Gillian giggled.

Dina worked Joel’s trews down as he pleasured Gillian. She gasped as she uncovered his cock swollen with desire. “And was Jerusalem fondled here, among these dark Satanic pubes… Bring me my arrows of Desire!” She moved under him and wrapped her lips around his straining member.

“OH!” he gasped into Gillian’s pussy as she began to orgasm. It didn’t take long for him to orgasm deep into Dina’s mouth.

When they sat back to catch their breaths, they found that the rest of the party goers had gathered around them. As they turned pink with embarrassment, the people clapped. A curvy woman wearing lipstick on her nipples and carrying a basket full of money stepped forward.

“You win the prize tonight for the most sins. Wrath, greed, pride,lust, gluttony, and envy. The only one you missed was sloth. The proceeds of the party will go to the charity of your choice.

Sorry this is late. Life is umm.. still hell in a hand cart. Hope you like my crazy take on this. I use to love Tarts and Vicar parties in Suffolk! 🙂

Thank you to John for sponsoring Flash Fiction Friday! I’ll get use to the change up yet. This took 20 minutes and I used the bonus words as I placed MORE than a fourth player in the room.

Key Words: God, help
Banned Words: Nun, Sister, Vicar, Priest
Word Limit: 369 words
Bonus Words: Get another 71 words if  there is a fourth player

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