Flash Fiction Friday Flame on!


“That fire’s blazin’!”

“Yeah, but you know those bitches are so frozen, that if you don’t warm up your jollies, they’ll never thaw.”

Oscar looked over at the bonfire. Bits of it were glowing red hot. Deep down, the coals were white. “I donno Dave. Kinda dicey ifin’ you miss.”

“Ah hell! Just think of the nurses lovin’ up on you in the burns ward. Strokin’ your skin with that thick white lotion. Givin’ ya hand jobs to ease yer achin’ balls…”

“Oh shut your trap!” Oscar walked away from Dave. His friend had had too much beer and even less sense than normal.

“Oscar here is gonna jump the fire.”

“I never said that!” Oscar went red in the face, knowing that Dave was daring him.

“Yeah? Was that you cluckin’ like a chicken then?” Dave knew that he had Oscar by the short and soon to be scorched curlies.


“At yer service.” Dave bowed.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Dave muttered as he took off everything except his shoes. He piled his clothes next to a rock, and then stepped into line with six or seven other guys. When it was his turn, he ran, arched high and pulled up his legs. He landed just on the edge of the burn pile.

Later as he curled up to Ina, he watched as the paramedics hauled Dave off. Dave had jumped, landed okay, and then sat down on a coal.

“Ah Karma! You firey bitch.”


Almost forgot! Brains have been scrambled with parental unit issues and more things to do that I really need. Sigh… Hope you like my crazy version of this. I took an extra 10 words. Probably could have taken more, but… ah well. If you enjoy what you’ve read, head on over to John’s blog and see what the rest of us have done.

Our challege:

Key Words: Shoes
Banned Words: Socks
Word Limit: 238 words
Bonus Words: Get +10 words for each adjective used that means “hot” but isn’t “hot”  (no repeats!)

PS…Too bad they pixelated out his bits!

8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Flame on!

Add yours

    1. Glad you liked it. You didn’t pixelate the pic, but when you blow it up, you can see that someone did. I originally had another idea, but when I realized that there was no clear shot of his cock, I had to change my story.

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