Flash Fiction Friday Electrifying!


Sybil waited on the blanket outside of the house. She could feel the electricity of the storm build as the energy slid across her skin. “You gonna come over here?”

“Sybil, the storm… it’s getting closer! Shouldn’t we get to a shelter?” Carl’s cock was shriveling back into his ball sac as he watched the tornado off in the distance.

“Then get your ass down here on the blanket and make love to me. You’re wasting time.”

Carl laid down beside her and tried to think about sex. He cupped her breast and kissed her until the straw hat fell off of her head. He gasped as her fingers cradled his cock. He stroked her pussy. His cock finally perked up and stood tall. Sybil rolled him on his back and straddled him. Rocking back and forth, she gathered more energy from the storm.

“Hey! Your hair’s lifting up.”

“Yeah, isn’t static fantastic? All the energy!” Sybil moaned as the storm soaked into her skin, filling her aura. She was getting off on the storm almost more than she was from Carl’s attentions. She rocked faster, her orgasm building with the storm.

Carl felt his body react to Sybil’s, and yet the storm was making him nervous. It was getting closer. Shingles were flying off the roof of the old farmhouse. He could feel rain begin to hit his body along with small twigs, leaves and grit.

“Ssybil,… the storm.”

“Don’t you dare ruin this beautiful disaster for me!” she hissed between gritted teeth as her body built to orgasm. Her breasts bounced faster and faster, as she rode his cock to orgasm. “Aaaah!”

Carl felt his own orgasm swell and race up his spine. Gripping her ass, he closed his eyes as the orgasm roared through his brain. The storm hit at the peak of his orgasm and he swore that they were spinning, caught up in the tornado.

They landed with a thud, on thick green grass. Carl opened his eyes as he heard Sybil cry out in pleasure.

“We did it!”

Carl looked around. Lush grass, blue sky and verdant forest was all he could see. “Um.. Sybil, where are we?”

“Well, we certainly aren’t in Kansas anymore!”

Carl sat up, dumping Sybil in the grass. Across the grass he could see a road made of yellow brick. “Oh Fuck!”

Sybil smiled. Her grannies spell had worked.


Yes, I’m late. Really late. A friend came by to help us cut firewood. Then my parents had a problem. So… I’m late.

I couldn’t resist the Wizard of Oz reference. 🙂 John’s challenge this week was:

Key Words: beautiful disaster

Forbidden Words: dark, scary, pubic, down

Word Limit: 400 words

Bonus Words: how do you feel in storms?

Extra Credit: tell about a time you should have been more concerned than you were.

As to how storms make me feel? Big thunderstorms make me horny! I love them. As for being more concerned than I was during a storm? Um… well… most big thunderstorms do that to me. Best one was when we were driving across New Mexico and a huge bolt hit the road right in front of us. Wow! It was fantastic. It wasn’t until much later that I realized that I could have been hurt.

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