A bite to the ear. Hot breath caressing her skin as he licked and sucked. Her pussy tingled with need. Want. Desire. Hands sliding over clothes, skin and touching… touching. She wanted him so bad. Knew that he wanted her.

Tumbling to the bed in a mix of clothing, limbs and passion. His first touch made her arch towards him, begging for more. Her mouth closed on his, tangling touch and taste. Fingers sliding home to those hot, sweaty pools. She screamed her release, wanting more. Needing more. Her own hands searching for his body, his cock. Wanting to be filled with molten heat.

His cock thrust upward, spearing her pussy, filling her. She cried again, wanting… Hands on hips, thrusts piercing her soul, he fed their desire. Need filled aches that had gone on for far too long.

Chest grasped, breasts bouncing as their bodies moved faster than they could breathe. He arched, cried out and poured himself deep inside. She writhed as the heat filled her, her own body clenching and making her spine bend in pleasure.

They collapsed to the bed, panting, twitching, ecstatic. Sleep stole over them, like the passion they’d ignited drifted out into the night.


For the record, my life has been turned upside down. Wolf and I have become more involved in the caretaking of my parents. To say it is taking time to adjust is an understatement. Dad has the beginnings of dementia and a minor heart condition. He can no longer drive. Or should I say, he is no longer allowed to drive. So, all that they use to do has been curtailed and we now must slice and dice our schedules into one. Have patience as we adjust and I work to find time to write. 

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  1. I love the story however short, and appreciate the effort that it takes to write at all during family duress. Good luck and my all the gods (or none, according to your preference) smile down on you

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