Flash Fiction Friday Hoodwinked


They ran into the forest. Ginger smiled and unzipped her red hoodie. Her breasts burst forth like helium balloons.

“Wow! What a set of breasts you have!” he gasped, his cock hardening beyond anything he’d ever felt before.

“Why Derick, haven’t you ever seen real breasts before?” Ginger pulled her hood back and then slid her hands under her breasts. She cupped them, caressing her nipples with her thumbs, making them crinkle and stand up.

“Uuhhh, no.”

“Do you want to touch them?” She lifted them towards his face.

“Oh yeah.”

She sighed softly as he began to touch the offered breasts. “Oh yes,” she moaned encouragingly.

Derick thought his cock was going to burst through his jeans. He’d never touched real breasts either. He marveled at the way her nipples responded to his touch. “Ggginger, would you touch me?”

“I’ve been waiting to.” She moved forward and unbuckled his belt and then undid his jeans. His cock bounced out of his boxers and landed in her hand.

Derick gasped, afraid he would explode. His hands fell from her breasts and grazed her hips. Ginger moved closer, letting her body sandwich his cock between them. “Oh damn! Oh, Ginger.”

She smiled, slid her body down his cock until it was nestled between her breasts. She bent down and licked the top of his cock. It quivered and Derick’s whole body tightened. She licked him again, only this time she took his cock all the way into her mouth.

Derick cried out, and felt his whole body tighten. Every nerve centered on the tip of his cock, being licked by Ginger’s tongue. “I’m… I’m gonna’…”

Ginger increased her attentions on his cock and within seconds, he exploded. His cum shot deep into her throat, as his hands grasped her hooded head. She held him as he jerked and spasmed. Then she licked him clean and stood up.

“Oh Ginger…” Derick’s eyes were glazed and a silly grin grew.

“Did you like that?”

“Oh yes.”

“Then make me feel good.”

“I… I don’t know how.”

“I’ll show you.” She took off her hoodie, and spread it on the ground. Then she laid back, and pulled her jeans off. She spread her legs, showing off her pussy.

Derick was fascinated. He fell to his knees, and touched her pussy. “You match.”

“Yes, and I want you to lick and suck my pussy.” She guided his face down. Derick began to lick her, the sweet-salty taste flooding his mouth. As she cried out her orgasm, he found his cock swollen and hard. Ginger smiled. “Take me, Derick.”

“I’ve.. I’ve never..”

“I know. I want you.” Her voice was husky. She guided his cock deep inside.

“Ohhhhh… ooooooh!” he howled with pleasure.


Okay, I’m WAYYYY late. I have an excuse. A skunk walked into our front porch and was eating our dog’s food. It woke the dog, scared itself and… yeah. Stink bomb at 3am! OMFG! We had to take the dog outside, open all the doors and windows, and try to air out the house. Three hours later, I finally got back to sleep.

Then it was wash the dog, wash all the bedding, curtains, etc. I finally had a chance to sit down and write at 8:30pm. I’m exhausted. However, I took the corrupter option. Hope you like my skewed tale of lust. 🙂

Key Words:“what a … you have”

Forbidden Words: riding, innocence

Word Limit: 382 words

Bonus Words: make her the corrupter (+75 words)

Extra Credit: tell about a time you corrupted someone innocent.

As for that extra credit. Yeah, BTDT, had a lot of fun. Even wrote about it.

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