Flash Fiction Friday Jack


Sex had been great. Becky sucked cock like no one else, and they’d collapsed in a sticky, satisfied mess well after midnight. As dawn peeked through the window, Jack was up and out of bed before he could get distracted by her luscious body. He showered, put on sweats and headed for the kitchen.

Jack loved Halloween. The party was set to start at 9pm, after all the neighborhood kids had been by for their treats. Jack made up little bags for each kid, and the neighborhood bunch were always keen to visit. He had made up the bags the night before, so that he could concentrate on the cooking.

While he carved the pumpkin, he hummed merrily, thinking of sex with Becky the night before. They’d started out in the shower. He loved the way she felt all wet and slippery on the outside as well as in. His cock throbbed with the thought of it. From there, they’d moved to the bedroom. They’d got out Mr. Giggles, her favourite vibrator, and played with that until she shuddered with orgasms. As she gasped for air, he slid between her thighs and pummeled her for all he was worth. As his balls started to tighten, she’d wiggled away, and gobbled him up. He thrust deep into her mouth until her nose nestled in his pubic hair. It didn’t take long before he exploded. Becky sucked him dry, licked him clean and then the two of them took her for another series of orgasms with Mr. Giggles.

Jack finished the pumpkin and set it aside. He had special plans for that. He rubbed his cock, which had grown stiffer as he thought of Becky. “Do I have time to go up and play?” he thought looking at the clock. No.

Jack got out the pie crusts and began to make the pumpkin quiches for the party. His mind was still on Becky, when he heard her begin to stir upstairs. Jack knew it wouldn’t be long before she was downstairs. Looking around, he pulled the kitchen curtains closed. Then he put the can of pumpkin, the egg carton and the bowl of pie mixture on the floor. Then he stripped off his sweats, and picked up the pumpkin. He’d planned to go as a “Jack O’Lantern”, and had carved the bottom out of the pumpkin. Sliding it gently over his head, he arranged it so that he could see. Then he sat down naked on the floor, arranged the carton and can just so and picked up the bowl. His cock was rock hard, and he placed the bowl so that his cock was braced upright. He made a last minute adjustment on the pumpkin and picked up the whisk just as Becky entered the kitchen.

“Happy Halloween!” Jack said in a deep scary tone of voice.

Becky smiled. “Oh my.”

“Care to see what I’m making?”

“Oh yes.” She giggled when she saw his cock pressed up against the bowl, a pearl of cum balanced at the tip. “I think you need to add a bit of special spice to that mix.” Reaching forward, she used her finger to daub up the drop of cum and shake it into the mix.

Jack laughed. “Do you think you have enough?” he asked as he sat the bowl aside.

“Just. However, if I sit on your lap and make a wish, do I get an extra bit of fondant filling?”

Jack nodded and held his hands out. Becky dropped her bathrobe and straddled Jack. His cock slid between her damp thighs, and nestled deep into her pussy. They rocked back and forth, their bodies responding to the pleasure.

“I’ve never fucked a Jack O’Lantern before.”

“And do you like it?”

“Very nice, but I’d love a kiss.”

Jack bent down until the pumpkin’s mouth was over her nipple and blew. Becky goggled. He felt his balls tighten, and realized he didn’t have time to take off the head. Instead, he grabbed her hips, and thrust harder and harder. They came in a loud mutual cry of pleasure.

A few minutes later, Jack took off the pumpkin as Becky stood up. They smiled at each other and they finished up the pie mix. Once the pie was in the oven, they headed for the shower. They had 45 minutes to play before it was done.

Down in the kitchen, an eerie laugh came from the pumpkin head.



This was fun. Yes, I’m late again, but I just could not stay awake last night. I started at 12:47pm and ended at 1:12pm. I took the extra five minutes as the head stayed in place. Hope that everyone has a Happy Halloween! We’re celebrating Samhain on the 7th, as that’s the Cross Quarter day. Yeah, I’m pagan. 🙂 As for who I’d love to Trick or Treat? Considering that life has been so crazy of late, Wolf. I’d love to sneak up on him, and surprise him. Mwahahahaha…. (yeah right. Sneaking up on him is like trying not to breathe. ) I can dream though.

Key Words: Trick OR Treat (but not both)

Forbidden Words: Surprise, creamy

Word Limit: 20 minutes of typing … that’s it! 

Bonus Words: Additional five minutes of typing if the pumpkin stays on!

Extra Credit: who would you love to trick or treat! And why!

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