Flash Fiction Friday Salute!


“What’s your best pussy memory?”

“Sweet Amy on her back, ankles on my shoulders and crying out as she came, squirting juices everywhere,” said Sam.

The men laughed or smiled. Each had their stories, their connections home. They lived on stories. The seven of them were old hands now. They’d survived IED’s, bad food, and the nasty extremes of weather.

“And you?”

“Ah, the Dunstun twins. One pinned on my cock, the other sitting on my face. Kept me up all night.” Rob smiled.

“How long since you talked to your wife?” Ned asked Charles.

“Too damn long. I dream of her and wake up stiff.”

“We all do mate!” Laughter again filled the tent.

“We all have girls back in England, right?” asked Paul. A cheeky smiled danced across his face.

“Yes,” many of them said.

“Well, how about we send them a pic?” Paul held up his mobile.

“Of what? Us wanking off?” asked Charles.

“No! Just us.”

“What?” asked Ned, trying to figure out Paul’s thoughts. He was the prankster of the squad.

“Just us. We can stop between the tents on the way to the showers.”

“How are we going to pull that off?” asked Ned.

“Easy. We walk to the shower tent in our towels and flip flops. Stop between the tents, drop the towels and take the pic.” Paul figured he’d thought of everything.

“What about the regulation that we take our rifles with us everywhere, including the showers?” asked Sam.

Paul looked puzzled. Then the smile crossed his face. “Got it! We’ll sling our rifles down across our balls and no one can complain.”

“Oh yeah, pure sexy that,” Charles said with a laugh.

“At least you’ve got a decent tattoo,” added Rob. Charles nodded. He’d gotten the tattoo after his last deployment.

Twenty minutes later, the men walked to the showers. As soon as they got between the tents, the towels came off, rifles slung low and Paul took the picture. Then he and Sam swapped places. They were ‘dressed’ and heading for the showers a minute later. Afterwards, they took turns sending the pic to their sweeties.

Charles was last. “Dear Lisa, Just wanted to let you know that all is well. Just a pic to remind you of us. Love Charles.

Lisa’s mobile pinged. She checked and saw a message from Charles. Opening it up, she smiled at the picture.


Not the easiest prompt to write with, but I managed. Rather tired, and it is so cold tonight! -16C! Hope you like my story. Our challenge this week was:

Key Words: Flip flops, tattoo

Forbidden Words: gun, weapon

Word Limit: 400 words

Extra Credit: who did you last salute?

8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Salute!

Add yours

  1. Nice little story, very touching and it reminded me that, while I avoided the forbidden words, i COMPLETELY forgot to use the required ones. Oh well. My mind is slipping more each day.

    Loved the story

  2. Ah the ubiquitous photograph home a bit different from the WW1 ones I have been pouring over the past few days but very well done.

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