Flash Fiction Friday Hide or…


Jill had the jeans around her knees when she heard a sound. The urge to hide was strong. She looked down the hall. The DMX lighting threw weird shadows across an abandoned pushchair. She listened again for the sound.


Jill pulled the jeans up. They were too big, so she held them up with her hand. The Kinky Fuckery Club picked Statues for this party. If you didn’t stop and freeze in time, you lost an item of clothing. Jill had been caught 5 times in less than ten minutes. The goal was to make it ‘home’. First one there got to choose who they fucked. Jill didn’t think she’d make it, and thought of getting fucked turned her on.

“Come out, come out, where ever you are!”

Jill froze. The voice was too close for comfort. It sounded like Dirk. She tried to look around with her peripheral vision. Nothing. She moved, and caught her feet in the jeans and went sprawling. Laughter rang out. Off to her left, stood Dirk.

“Damn!”she thought.

Dirk walked over, picked her up shook her out of the jeans. “Nice try. Betsy’s the only one unaccounted for, so you just may be the piece of choice tonight.” He grabbed her nipple and walked off.

“Look what I found!” Dirk smiled. Most of the guys were standing there, cocks hard and ready. Jill noticed that two of the girls were smiling, and clinging to ‘Home’. Betsy was still missing. Dirk ran his fingers down the crack of Jill’s ass and slid them into her pussy.

“Wait! What about Betsy?”

“Maybe she got away. Meanwhile, I’m gonna warm you up.” Dirk fingered her until her juices ran and her pussy shivered. She could feel the orgasm building when Matt came around the corner with Betsy in tow. Dirk stopped and walked towards Matt. Jill was disappointed. All wound up and no orgasm.

“Come here, and we’ll help you,” the two girls behind her said with a smile.


Someday, I will get time to write. I still have not gotten my schedule in order. Sigh.. Sorry I’m late. This was an odd pic, and I really wanted to write a longer story, but… alas, there was a word limit and she wasn’t doing the searching.

So, I hope you enjoy our prompt from John, our FFF guru. Check out his blog here for the prompts. This week our challenge was:

This is a picture from our founder and owner-in-absentia,Advisor.

Key Words: Hide OR seek

Forbidden Words: any word that can be a colour

Word Limit: 333 words

Extra Credit: ever played nudey hide and seek?

Bonus Words: +100 words if she’s doing the searching

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