Flash Fiction Friday Spanks!


Jake woke up to the feel of hands on his body. He’d fallen asleep on the couch, and at first thought that it was Stella. As he opened his eyes, he found four of his burliest friends each grabbing a limb. “What’s going on?”

“Turn him over,” Stella said.

Jake tried to struggle, not knowing what was happening. He felt Stella’s hand on his crotch, and to his panic, felt the zip being pulled. Then his boxers. Before he could move or speak, he was pinned to the floor over a cushion. His ass was up in the air, cock and balls on display between his legs. He felt his skin flush with embarrassment. “What are you doing?”

“Why, it’s your birthday, and I wanted to spank you. I knew I couldn’t do it alone, so I asked for a bit of help.” Stella smiled and held up the flat backed hair brush he’d used on her a few months earlier.

“Oh damn.” He knew he was in trouble. He thought of what he’d done to Stella on her birthday and wondered just how far she’d go.

“One!” The first swat hit his ass. The sting was sharp. It stole his breath, and all he could manage was a gasp.

“Two!” This one landed on the other cheek. Stella was building up a rhythm, and counting as she went. He tried to wriggle away, but it was no good.

“Twenty-five, twenty-six.” His ass was on fire. Each stroke arched him in a mix of pleasure and pain. To his amazement, his cock was swelling, and his balls ached.

“Thirty-two, thirty three! Happy Birthday, Jake!” The last one across both cheeks made him see stars. The hands let loose of him, and by the time he stood up, they were gone. Jake leaned against the wall hand on ass, jeans on the floor, trying to catch his breath.

“You know, this isn’t over.” Stella was beside him, hairbrush in hand. “I will not have you wasting a perfectly good erection today.” She shook her finger at him as she spoke.

“No Ma’am.” His cock twitched. Pre-cum purled at the end.

They headed to the bedroom, where five minutes later, they were both in bed in a 69. Each time he licked her pussy, she spanked his tender ass until Jake came hard enough to nearly drown Stella.


Ah, birthday spankings. 🙂 So much fun. Our dear muse wrote this:

It’s my birthday this week so this is all about the birthday spankings. Perhaps, like me, you don’t mind them, going as far to enjoy them. Perhaps you dislike them, tell us a story

Key Words: Birthday

Forbidden Words: leather, cry

Word Limit: 396 words (the number of months I’ve been alive!)

Extra Credit: tell us about a birthday spanking

Bonus Words: +24 words for every additional spanker or victim

Hope you like my D/s twist. 🙂 I know I’m late, but Thanksgiving dinner rolled me. 🙂 Too much good food. Now I’m going to finish my tea, grab Wolf and crawl back into bed! 🙂 {yes, use your imagination!}   Oh, and Happy Birthday, John!

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