Flash Fiction Friday Just Be.

that look

Her thoughts were of desire. Lust made her tremble as she crawled across the floor to where he sat. Slowly, she moved, one square at a time. Black, white, black, white; until she knelt between his legs.

He looked down at her. Naked between his knees. His longing for her overran his urge to enjoy their encounter in sweet slow pleasure. “Come closer,” he whispered.

She moved up between his legs, her body almost touching his crotch. The heat of his body along with his scent rolled over her in waves.

His hands went to her face. So lovely. Not beautiful, not cute, but comprised of just the right mouth, right coloring, right bonestructure to make his heart beat faster. “Are you mine?”

“Oh yes. Totally.”

He ran his fingers over her face, watching as the softest touch brought out a response of pleasure. He smiled as she moaned when his fingers traced along her temples. His fingers moved through her hair, grabbing it and pulling her head back. Her mouth opened to his, as she melted. No strain, no hesitance.

She gave herself to his touch. Her nipples were hard as they brushed against his inner thighs. She sighed as he looked at her. Her body soft and pliant. How she loved this man.

He held her there as their eyes locked. Such joy he felt. To love someone so fully was such a rarity. It was reciprocal. What had started off as a casual D/s relationship had melded into so much more. People spoke of finding their soulmate, their perfect love. He’d always laughed at them. Saying it was just a fairy tale told to teens. Then he met her.

She knew that submitting could be dangerous. There are always bastards that love to hurt, just because they can. It had been different with him from that very first look. He’d taken her breath, her heart, her submission all in one moment.

He didn’t know how long they sat there with his hand coiled in her hair. How long he waited to kiss that lovely mouth. It was as if they’d melded. As if they were one. He took a deep breath, pulled her up into his lap, and captured her mouth.

She moaned as he kissed her. Her body suffused with his touch, made itself ready for him. His kiss deepened and his fingers explored her body with a surety of purpose. His touch was gentle, and insistent. Her body responded, orgasmic juices flowed across his hand. One kiss, one being, all pleasure.


Our FFF host set us the following prompt:

This week, I’ve asked the wonderful Clitical Jeanne to set the prompt … 

I adore this picture. I adore the look on the guys face, to me it’s more than lust, it goes way deeper. There are times in most of our lives when we simply look at a partner and know what they want. Tell us your story of when you got that purposeful look from a partner.

Key Words: Lust, longing
Forbidden Words: Office, Suit
Word Limit: 426
Extra Credit: tell us about an encounter where your partner had ‘that’ look on their face
Bonus Words: +50 masturbation, owned
Yes, I have that kind of relationship with Wolf. We have our moments when the world ends at our skins. Our eyes are the universe, and our lips… And then we wake up, go to work and deal with all the dreck of the day. Yet sometimes, it just happens. Even a few seconds brings it all back. We aren’t each other’s first loves, but we love unconditionally. Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. We love each other to be exactly what we are, and that’s where that soul searching look comes in. And sometimes, as he’s tickled me to that last orgasm I swear I just can’t take, I see that look and get lost in his eyes. Ahhh.

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  1. I love the story, crafted beautifully with sensual details. And I especially love the description of your relationship.

    As a side note: kink of the week’s topic is “the look” and this would be a wonderful addition to that meme too.

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