Vortex (Finale)

To say that life has been frustrating and overwhelming of late is an understatement. The last few months were harder than my divorce. Harder than moving to a foreign land. The tough parts aren’t over yet, but things are beginning to settle out. Anyone who says taking care of elderly parents is easy is a damn liar. That said, I think that Wolf and I are beginning to get a grip on the whole situation. As things ease up, I’m finding time to write! yeeehaw! I’ll update the series pages soon. 


Sadie was nervous. Kirsty had taken Rose Alice down to her room for a few hours. She sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for Ken.

“You sure about this? We could wait a little longer if you want.” He dropped his bathrobe and walked over to where Sadie sat.

“Ken It’s been eight long weeks of me sleeping with your cock drumming on my ass as we sleep. I’m so horny I could scream.”

Ken smiled. “You drinking Nanny’s patent tea?”

“Yeah, I’m hoping it works, cause I don’t want to loose my milk. I don’t want to be pregnant again so soon either.”

Ken nodded and pulled Sadie into his arms. They’d started out their relationship in a rough manner, and yet, they’d both found love. Sadie melted against him. His hands ran down her back and then across her ass. He moaned.

“Guess you’ve been horny too?” Sadie teased.

“You have no idea how difficult it is to ride a horse with a hard-on.”

Sadie giggled. She looked down and traced her hand against his cock. It came away sticky with precum. She rubbed her thumb back and forth across the slit. Ken pulled her mouth to his and the two of them were kissing deeply as they lowered themselves on the bed. His hand grazed her breast. It was his turn to come away with damp fingers.

“Sadie?” he asked looking at her breasts.


Ken took the hard nipple in his mouth and sucked. Warm sweetness filled his mouth. His cock seemed to throb with every squirt of Sadie’s milk. He moaned against her breast. He switched breasts when he felt the other one began to leak on his hand. Sadie moaned and was rubbing her pussy against his thigh.

Ken eased up and kissed each nipple. Then he traced his fingers down her body until he plunged them into her pussy. Sadie was soaked. Juices were running down her thighs. Ken thought that his cock would burst, and moved Sadie across his lap and onto the head of his cock.


Ken nodded. He let Sadie lower herself onto his cock. Between precum and her soaked pussy, Sadie slid down his thick cock until their skin touched.

“Oh damn that feels good.”

“Sadie, I’ll try to go slow, but I don’t think I’m gonna last long this first time.” Ken was holding her hips as he began to thrust upwards.

Sadie moaned. It felt better than she remembered. Even being baby stretched didn’t matter. “Oh how I’ve missed this.” She rocked faster, making her body hum with pleasure. Her breasts bounced and milk began to drip and spatter across Ken’s chest. She arched her back, and drove down hard, scratching that itch until orgasm thrummed through her body.

Ken let go of all control and roared as his orgasm ripped up from his toes and raced across every nerve in his body. He felt his balls pump what felt like gallons of cum deep inside Sadie. Her mewls of pleasure made him smile. He thrust until it seemed as every cell in his body had exploded.

Sadie cried out and felt as if her spine would snap with the whiplash of pleasure. She felt her milk let down and begin to drip from her breasts. Ken sat up, with Sadie still impaled on his cock. He wrapped his lips around one breast and then the other, sucking as fast as he could. Sadie moaned louder, and he increased his attentions. Sadie’s body reacted, squeezing his cock as her body orgasmed again and again. Ken’s body tried to have a second orgasm, and only managed to twitch. She writhed and gasped until she collapsed limply onto his shoulder.

“Oh damn,” she gasped.

“Yeah, but damn it was good.”

An hour later, sticky with milk, cum and pussy juice, the two of them headed down to the bathroom. Ken ran a bath and the two of then slowly sank into the tub. Sadie retrieved Rose Alice from Kirsty as they headed back to bed.

Sadie helped with the harvest with Rose Alice either on her back or in a basket next to her. Ken and the men worked hard to bring in the last of the crop and prepare for winter. Some of the men began to tune up their motorcycles and repair their leathers. Sadie’s temper became short, with worry about what would happen when the first frosts hit.

“You going to ask him whether or not he’s going out?” asked Nanny.

“I keep thinking I should trust him to do what’s right.”

“You ever thought that maybe he’s waiting for you to say something? That maybe he doesn’t know?”

That stopped Sadie cold. “No, I… I never thought of that.”

“Well, you better speak up. Heard they plan to leave at the end of the week.”

Sadie looked at Nanny, pulled off her apron, checked on Rose Alice and then headed out to the barns.

“Ken, Sadie’s heading this way, and looks like she has a bee in her bonnet.” George pointed towards the figure walking quickly towards them.

Ken wiped his hands and stepped out to meet her. “Hi Sadie.”

“Hi. I need to ask you something.”


Sadie planted her feet, put her hands on her hips and then looked Ken straight in the eyes. “Are you planning on leaving with the rest of the gang?”

“Well, …” Ken shifted from one foot to the other.

“What about our year and a day? What about Rose Alice? Or, what about me?”

Ken blinked. He could tell that Sadie was unhappy. “Umm… do you want me to stay home?”

“Yes Damnit!”

“Why didn’t you say anything before?” Ken was puzzled. Everyone knew the gang was getting ready to ride, and she hadn’t expressed any opinion until just now.

“I didn’t think I NEEDED to! You have a family. I thought you might want to be with Rose Alice and myself. Or, is this whole thing just a damn lie to get pussy every few days?” Sadie was getting redder and redder in the face. Her fists were balled up and she was beginning to bounce on the balls of her feet.

“Hold on Sadie. I didn’t know what to do. Some men leave every year and their partners don’t mind. Others stop the minute they handfast. You never said. So,…”

“So you figured that you’d just go and not even talk to me?”

“No Sadie, I just couldn’t… didn’t…” He never finished his sentence because Sadie’s fist connected with his nose. He felt the crunch and tasted blood. By the time he’d opened his eyes, Sadie was just a figure off in the distance.

George walked up and handed Ken a handkerchief. “I think you’d better go fix that mess before it gets any worse.”

Ken nodded. He put his fingers along side of his nose and pushed until things went pop, gunch and clicked. His eyes watered and there was more blood to be mopped up. Then he headed to the farm house.

“Sadie? Will you open the door?” Ken stood in the hall waiting. “Sadie?”

After a few minutes, the door opened. Sadie stood there with Rose Alice at her breast. He could tell she’d been crying. She let him in and turned back towards the rocker where she sat down to nurse. Ken followed and pulled a hassock up next to the rocker.

“Sadie, I’m sorry. I should have said something. I’m not good at making long range plans, and sure not good at talking about important things.”

“Nope.” She looked out the window. From the window, she could see the men lining up their cycles. She figured that Ken was telling her goodbye. She bit her lip to keep from crying.

“Do you really want me to stay?”

She glared at him. “Did you not hear me earlier? Of course I want you to stay!”

Ken blinked and took a deep breath. “I love you. I love Rose Alice. You think you can give me a second chance?”

Sadie looked out the window for a second. Then she turned back to Ken. “I love you. Yes, I want you to stay. Why else did you think I promised at Rose Alice’s naming?” Tears rolled down her face.

Ken leaned forward until his knees hit the floor and his arms wrapped around Sadie and Rose Alice. “I’ll stay.” The three of them stayed like that for a long while.

“I never thought I’d see Ken give up his bike,” said Kirsty.

“Neither did I.” Nanny smiled as she watched Ken show Jerry how to work the heavy motorcycle. “Maybe he needed those raccoon black eyes to make his vision clear.”

Kirsty snickered. “I think so.” The two women laughed. An hour later, the two women along with the rest of the farm waved the riders off. Kirsty smiled at Sadie, where she stood with Ken’s arm around her. The Vortex gang was off for another winter of riding, sex and raucous fun.

4 thoughts on “Vortex (Finale)

  1. I have tried to wait patiently honest injuns I have 🙂 Glad you are settling into the new role life twists and turns and sometimes the best we can do is try to keep running.

    1. Thank you for your patience. It has been… difficult. There have been days I’ve wanted to curl up and pull the covers over my head, yelling NO! I will not do one more thing! Then Wolf curls up with me, says 5 more minutes and we’ll tackle the day. It has to get better.

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