Flash Fiction Friday Touched


The slave market was loud. They stood together, hands tied and the rope they’d been lead by was draped around Ista’s neck. The sea of faces were as alien. Ista held Nira’s hand tighter.

“I’m afraid.”

“So am I.”

The bidding started. “45 kolars! 45 kolars for this fine pair of breeders!”



A shape covered in a long dark cloak stepped forward. “100 kolars!”

The other bidders turned to look, and then stepped back.

Ista shivered in surprise, hoping that it was her lover, Tenar.

“Sold to Tenar!”

“I thought I’d lost you!” Tenar said kissing Ista softly.


“Never leave the courtyard alone ever again!” Tenar was pleased to have found his courtesan, but furious.

“We… we were only going to the flower market. We didn’t know that it was so dangerous.” She and her sister had ended up on the auction block, tied together to be sold as a set.

“It is. Avirr is a wild planet and females are rare enough. Breeders even more so. Why didn’t you tell me you’d conceived?”

“It was meant to be a surprise. I was afraid to say anything until I was certain.”

Tenar pulled Ista to him. He kissed her and then caressed her through the think silk gown. He kissed her wrist that had been scraped by the ropes. He’d found Ista and Nira at the slave market after they’d been kidnapped. They’d been lucky.

Ista moaned as he stroked her body. When his hands reached the gentle swell of her belly, she smiled. Tenar knelt, and kissed down to her pussy. Her fingers twined in his hair, holding him to her body as his tongue moved between her lips. Pleasure flared as his tongue increased his attentions. His hands gripped her as he licked her to orgasm.

Afterwards in the nest of bedsilks,and sated with his release, he gently fingered Ista to another orgasm. He’d been gentle with his lovemaking. No sane warrior was rough with a breeding woman. Ista cried out in pleasure, her body melting in bliss. He curled around her protectively as they slept.


At first I wasn’t sure what to write. It isn’t an ordinary pic, and so I wrote a not so ordinary story. Our prompt today was:

Key Words: Surprise
Forbidden Words: Love
Word Limit: 100 for the first story, 200 for the second, etc
Bonus Words: +25 if anyone orgasms!

The first story is 100 words. The second is 200, and as Ista orgasmed, I gave myself a final paragraph of 50 words. Hope you enjoyed this!

8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Touched

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  1. You know, I didn’t see this photo and think pregnant at all. And yet you and John both wrote that perspective.
    I love the stories, they are so magnificient and I can easily see them being part of a larger story.

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