Flash Fiction Friday The Naughty List

changing room

Sara walked into the store with an attitude that screamed ‘I wanna fuck you’. It started out as a dare and had turned into a bet. A bet she wanted to win. Harry was playing Santa, and she’d lusted after him for years.

When it was her turn, she sauntered up to Santa and sat on his lap.

“Ah..hm.. And what do you want little lady?” He recognized Sara.

Sara squirmed a bit, rubbing her bottom on his leg. “I want to be on the Naughty List.”

“Oh?” Santa shifted, his erection growing harder by the minute.

“Yes. I want to be an angel on top of your tree. I want to be snogged by Santa. In public.”

Santa went red in the face. He looked around and saw two kids left in line. “Well, I think I can promise you that. Wait by the sleigh.”

She got up off his lap and walked over to the sleigh.

Santa got rid of the last customers and went over to Sara. “Come with me.” He walked towards the changing room. Before the door was closed, he was dropping his trousers and pulling down her panties. His cock was hot as he slid into her wet pussy. There was a faint jingle of bells as they fucked faster and faster. The walls were shaking from their exertions.

“Oh! Oh my!”

“Not. So. Loud. Dear!” Santa panted in time with his thrusts. “The Elves will catch on and then I’ll really be in for it!”

“Mmmph!” She muffled her orgasmic cries with her fist. Santa joined her a few seconds later, and the two of them collapsed against the wall of the changing room.

Neither one of them had heard the soft click. When they were dressed, Santa opened the door first and headed back towards his chair. Sara headed for the exit, her face flush with pleasure.

“Ma ‘am, You forgot your picture with Santa!” an elf called after her waving an envelope.

Sara turned and took it thanking the elf. She opened it when she got to her car, and was astonished to see a picture of her and Harry fucking.


I hope that everyone had a merry holiday! This was a cute prompt by our host. The requirements:
Key Words: Santa
Forbidden Words: Party
Word Limit: 360
Extra Credit: have you ever been naughty in with Santa?!
Bonus Words: +50 if they get on/off the naughty list

And yes, I have been naughty with Santa. Under the Yule tree!

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