Flash Fiction Friday The Unexpected


Tired of short trysts, hastily grabbed kisses or gropes in the dark corners of a hall, they’d splurged on a room. Henry locked the door and turned on the radio to a classical station. Clothes flew as they reached for each other with a desperation born of need, desire and longing. It had been so long. Their work kept them busy. Kept them apart.

Henry pulled Abby into an embrace and their hands ran along their bodies. Hetongued Abby while she sucked his cock. Changing positions, he pinched her nipples as he slid deep inside. She arched upwards, rewarded by his grabbing her hips and thrusting deep inside. Piston thrusts ratcheted up their excitement. Abby moaned and ground her mound against Henry. He felt her body begin to peak, as her cunt contracted against his cock. He moaned, and fucked harder. His balls responded to her squeezing muscles and his cum boiled up and out. Abby cried out, clenching his arms. Their orgasms had tumbled over them, and melted their minds. They collapsed to the bed in a pile of spent passion. Sex had been great. Lovely. Best Abby could remember right up until she heard Henry gasp.

“What’s wrong?”

“The condom broke.” He held up the shredded remains. Abby broke into tears as she sat up. All joy gone in a single moment.

“Damn! I can’t get pregnant! My job…”

“Relax. It’ll be alright.” He moved up next to her, rubbing her back as she twisted the sheets in her hands.

“No it won’t! You bastard! You have no idea how long I’ve worked to get this position.”

“Abby, don’t let a broken condom colour your mood.”

Abby sniffed. Henry was right. It was just such a shock. It’d never happened before, and she panicked.

“Do you think it’ll be okay?”

He nodded and they got up to shower. She cleaned up as best she could, and knew that they’d stop at the chemists for a ‘morning after’ pill.

“Yes, it’ll be okay. Besides, if you do, think of the novelty.”

Abby looked at him as if he’d grown a second head. “Novelty? What kind of sub would request a pregnant dominatrix?”



Happy New Year! May your love life be full of orgasmic joy! Our dear host gave us the following prompt:

Key Words: Colour, Bastard
Forbidden Words: Regret
Word Limit: 2,015 characters (including spaces) 
Extra Credit: Biggest regret?!
Bonus Words: +365 characters, if there is more than one piece of trouble

At first, I wasn’t certain how to tackle this. Then my brain began to tick. Of course I had to add a twist. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed. Biggest regret? Not leaving my ex a LOT sooner than I did.

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  1. Oooh .. .a pregnant dominatrix. Now that’s a niche area of porn!

    Thanks for joining in … sorry for arsing up the linky tool – I’ve added your link!

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