The Chair (2)

Ann couldn’t remember her dream. Last thing she remembered was reading erotica on her computer and masturbating. After dinner, she she checked her computer. Her history showed that she’d read a story, and then nothing. Looking at her chair, she was happy to see it wasn’t stained. She knew she’d come, but there was no mess.

The next morning, she kissed Ron and sat down to write. She had two freelance pieces and then she could get back to her story. She finished the stories and shipped them off to the publisher. Then she opened her story and hit a wall. She re-read her last chapter and was ready to start the new one. Hands poised over the keys, she sat there. Nothing. She got up, did a few chores and came back to her computer. Twenty minutes later, she’d deleted more than she’d written.

“Fuck it!” Ann opened up a browser and went to read some erotica. “If I can’t write it, I can read it.” She started on a new story. One about alien abductions. The whole non-consensual aspect got her wet. She slipped her fingers down between her thighs and began to rub her clit through her panties. It didn’t take long for her to orgasm. Her panties a bit soaked didn’t matter. Her pussy juices and her writing mojo were flowing. Ann flipped back to her story and began to write.

As she leaned forward,her juices soaked down her thighs and onto the cushion. She didn’t notice. The story was flying off of her fingers. She didn’t notice the light touch a moment later. Ann rocked back and forth, her body still humming from her orgasm. It wasn’t until the first tentacle thrust up into her pussy that she ‘woke’ from her writer’s trance. “Nooo! Oh fuck no!”

She tried to move, but it was already too late. She hit the save button and tried to push the chair back and get up. No such luck. Tentacles held her tight. Her ass and pussy were filled as she struggled. The tentacle thrusting towards her mouth dripped with pearly juice. She shook her head and tried to avoid it to no avail. In a matter of moments, she was filled. Orgasms wracked her body.

This time, she woke up on the floor. She looked at the chair, and tried to figure out why she had fallen asleep. The orgasm had been good, but she didn’t think it was that good. She shook her head, sat down and checked her story. What she read was good. Damn good. She posted it to the editor and then went to make dinner. As she was cooking, she tried to remember what she’d been doing and the dreams that tickled the back of her mind.

When Ron came home, he asked her how things were going.

“The writing is going well.”

“How’s the new chair?”

“It’s good. I’m writing well.”

Ron smiled. “Want to fool around after dinner?”

It was Ann’s turn to smile.

The third day, Ann was doing referrals, back story and all the boring paperwork that went with life as a freelance writer. She got done and realized she had a few hours until Ron got home. She cleaned house, fixed dinner and took a long hot shower. After dinner, they went to bed early.

Ron massaged her back, and was letting his fingers slip lower and lower until they cupped her ass. “Honey, you have a little bruise here. Looks to be about the size of a dime. How’d you get that?”

“I don’t know. Maybe my chair rubbed me wrong or I bumped something.”

“Okay. Is it tender?” He pressed on it.


“Alright.” He continued his massage and soon his hands were holding her lips apart as he fingered her pussy and clit. As she became wetter and wetter he began to slide more fingers inside. Ron smiled as his hand up to the knuckles slid in.

Ann gasped with pleasure. “Oh, don’t stop,” she begged as he changed up his rhythm.

Ron kept it up until she was wet enough to take his fist. They didn’t play like this often as even she wasn’t always wet enough. When she clamped down on his hand in orgasm, he thrummed her clit until she screamed out in pleasure. Slowly he pulled out his hand and slid his cock deep inside. Her body throbbed with orgasmic pleasure and milked his cock. It didn’t take long for him to explode deep inside of her. Spooned together, they fell asleep.

Ann showered the next morning, but still felt so full of cum that she pondered wearing a pantie liner. The phone rang and distracted her. When she was done with the call, she sat down to write. It had been the editor praising her latest story. She wanted more.

Ann picked up the storyline where it had left off. The heroine had just been grabbed from behind and her arms tied behind her when Ann’s pussy began to tingle. Rocking back and forth, she realized that Ron’s present from last night was dripping from her pussy. She moaned slightly and tried to ease her aching body.

As she wrote about the woman sucking a cock while another man began to play with her ass, she swore she felt a familiar tickle. “Oh no.” Ann almost stood up from the chair, only to have a tentacle snag her thigh. She could hear her panties tear as a tentacle thrust upwards, piercing her pussy. She pulled her hands back from her keyboard as the first wave of orgasm hit. As she tried to keep the tentacle from entering her mouth, it covered her nose. Unable to breathe, she opened her mouth. The tentacle shot in, and filled her mouth. First with flesh, and then with juice. She coughed and choked until she swallowed enough. It continued to pump juice down her throat.

The tentacle in her pussy throbbed and pulsed. Almost as an afterthought, a tentacle slid up her ass as she arched in orgasm. She came so hard, the chair bounced. Another tentacle wrapped around her nipple and pinched hard. She gasped. Her orgasm rippled through her, and she blacked out.

This time she woke up in the chair. She couldn’t move. Her arms were still held by the tentacles, and her pussy was full. On the screen in front of her was an open document. She blinked and tried to read the words.

keep feeding the chair and the chair will feed you ideas.”

She blinked and read it again. She tried to puzzle out what the sentence meant. “I don’t understand.”

A tentacle reached up and typed on the keyboard. “Your juices feed me. I fuck you full of ideas. If you tell anyone, you won’t be believed. Worse yet, I will take you so fully that there will be nothing left. I control the horizontal, the vertical.”

Panic flooded Ann’s body. She struggled against the tentacles restraining her. It was no use. The one buried deep in her pussy throbbed and sent her into orgasm so hard that she passed out.

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