The Chair (4)

Will locked the door and let go of Ann’s arm. When she looked around, there were all styles of chairs in the room. “We will not leave until you sit on at least three chairs.”

“How do I choose? Where do I start. There must be fifty chairs in here.” Ann looked around at all of the chairs.

“Spin, point and then sit.” Will leaned back against a counter.

Ann looked at the chairs. She closed her eyes and turned slowly. She held out her hand, pointing her index finger. She felt a pull, and opened her eyes. Before her was a French styled rosewood desk chair with no padding. She walked towards it and sat down.

The chair reached out to Ann. It smelled fear. As her body sat, it opened up and began to touch. Nipples were pinched. Legs spread wide, the sweet lips were invaded by a thick phallus. Then the clit was pinched hard. While the body reacted, the seat sent shocks through the ass, as if it were being spanked. The body arched, cried out and began to sweat. The phallus slid in and out of the pussy, and rammed home as an orgasm ripped through. Then it dumped Ann on the floor.

“Oh my god! What was that?” Ann gasped as she pulled herself upright. While her clothes were still intact, she felt as if she’d been fucked hard. Her body was tender and ached in a mix of pleasure and pain.

“That chair belonged to a French aristocrat with a penchant for pain. Choose again.”

Ann was reluctant, but she did as she was told. There had to be a better chair. This time when she opened her eyes, her hand rested on a leather padded chair. Brass studs decorated it. She sat.

The chair licked up her ass. Straps bound her hands. Leather cords wrapped around her breasts, making them swell as the blood flow was restricted. A mask with a gag covered her face. She struggled to breath, and was embarrassed by the drool beginning to leak from the corner of her mouth. The corset cinched in her waist and pushed her breasts up. Something tugged at her nipples, making them swell as they rested at the edge of the corset. A thick leather dildo shoved it’s way into her pussy, followed by a slightly smaller butt plug. Then the whip began to slap her ass.

Fear mixed with excitement poured from Ann. Her breathing became ragged and she started to whimper. The dildo thrust faster and faster, but the orgasm was of poor quality. The chair dumped Ann on the floor.

Ann wiped her hair out of her eyes. “Let me guess, a BDSM club chair?”

“Very close. It belonged to a very interesting DOM. Once again, choose.”

Ann was very hesitant. When she opened her eyes, a wicker chair was under her hand. Small roses were painted on it. She looked at Will and gingerly sat.

The chair was subtle. A light kiss on the lips. A feather’s touch across the nipples. Then, slowly, gently, a finger sized appendage gently touched her lips and moved between them. So soft was the touch, that Ann’s body barely registered it The ‘finger’ moved in and out slowly, and then retracted. No orgasm. When Ann squirmed, and ground her body against the seat, the chair spat her out.

She sat up. “Let me guess, a no touch romance writer?”

“Actually, one of three sisters who wrote romances. I believe she writer was rather poorly received.”

“Don’t you have any normal chairs?” Ann was a bit exasperated. The last chair had left her horny and unsatisfied in a way she’d not experienced since a date in college.

“Oh certainly, but they aren’t of any use to a writer like you. Otherwise you’d have been satisfied by a plain black plastic desk chair from Office Max.”

Ann thought about what he said and nodded slowly. Having sat in three chairs, she headed towards the door. Before she reached it, a chair rolled out in front of her. It was dark heavy wood. Scrolls along the arms and leather seat and back.

“What in the hell? I sat on three chairs.”

“Yes, but there must be some doubt in your mind. Otherwise this chair wouldn’t be challenging you.”

Ann tried to move to one side, to no avail. Finally, she gave up and sat in the chair.

The chair pulled Ann deep into the leather. Her wrists were pulled up over her head and held by a strap. The pins were pulled from her hair and her clothes moved so that the chair could touch her. First her nipples were pinched and pulled until they stood out like small hard nubs. The feel of the needle thrust through them made Ann cry out. She couldn’t stop the piercings. Rings were slid in, and pulled her nipples down with the weight. All she could do is breath. Then her legs were pulled apart. Soft leather stroked her pussy, making the juices flow. Two sharp slaps made her clit pop up between the folds of damp skin. Once more, the needle flicked out, piercing her clit. She cried out, feeling the needle and then the cold metal ring slid through her flesh. Then before she could move, the leather caressed her clit, bringing her to orgasm.

Gasping, Ann lay limp in the chair. She tried to catch her breath, when she felt a burning heat on her thigh. She cried out, and a gag appeared in her mouth, silencing her. The smell of burning flesh reached her nose, and she thought she’d be sick. A leathery dildo began to slowly fuck her pussy, which despite the pain was drenched with her own juices.

As she approached orgasm, something flicked the rings in her nipples or clit. She’d gasp, and the pleasure would be gone. Time and time again, her body cycled through pain and pleasure. She almost missed the butt plug’s entrance as she gasped from having her nipples tugged. She couldn’t move. Couldn’t escape what the chair was doing to her until at last, her body heaved in an orgasm that rocked her so hard she passed out.

Ann came to in an office. Will stood next to her with a glass of water and a cool rag.

“Are you alright ma’am?”

Ann looked around. The room full of sexually aggressive chairs was gone. She was in the front office of the store. “Yyes, I think so.”

“You fainted ma’am.”

Ann looked at Will. He was smiling at her in a way that didn’t match the tone in his words.

“Be assured, if for any reason you decide to return your chair, you’ll receive a full refund. That’s our guarantee. Would you like us to call your husband? Or do you feel able to drive home?”

Ann sipped the water, and tried to take stock of what had happened. Her body ached. It felt bruised and violated, like she’d been fucked by an entire football team. She remembered everything, including that assault by the last chair, but Will was acting as if nothing had happened. She knew then that there was no hope. She had two choices. Return the chair and never write again as she had been, or submit to the chair.

“Yes, I understand. Thank you for your assistance.”

Will smiled at her and led her to the front door. “Please come back again. We strive to please our customers.”

Ann turned away and walked to her car. The drive home was a litany of aches and pains. When she got home, she was glad to see that Ron was not home. She walked into the house and almost felt a sigh of relief to see the chair with the Kracken at her desk. Feeling used, she headed for the shower. As she undressed, the aches and pains increased. Looking in the mirror to see if she was bruised, she was shocked and astonished to see that her nipples were pierced.

“Oh God! No!” She reached down to touch her clit and found it too was pierced. Turning in anticipatory horror, she looked at her upper thigh. There on her leg was a brand. Looking closer, she realized it was a Kracken, just like the one on her chair. She wasn’t certain what was more terrifying. The fact that she’d been pierced and branded, or the fact that they were all healed. She looked at the nipple rings with their ruby gemstones and realized that she had no idea of how to unlock them. They weren’t like the earrings she sometimes wore that had a capture ball. These seemed locked.

She climbed into the shower in tears. Violated didn’t begin to cover the way she felt. Panic raced through her. “How am I going to explain this to Ron?” She let the water flow over her and mix with her tears.

After thirty minutes she climbed out of the cooling shower. She dried off, wincing twice when the towel caught a piercing. She dressed carefully and then walked out to look at the chair. It looked so innocent. So plain, yet not menacing like that one leather one had. She shivered, and then walked up and touched the chair. She knew she had two choices. After a moment, she sat in the chair and opened up a document. She began to write.

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