She snuck out to her computer and booted up. As the blog software began to load, she looked around. Nothing. She began to write.


She looked up. He stood there tapping his foot.

“I was only going to write a quick post.”

“You still have a headache. Bed. Now.”

She sighed. He was right. She saved her work, and turned off her computer.

Climbing back into bed, he patted her ass. “When you feel better…”

She nodded, curled up under the covers and went back to sleep. “Night Wolf.”

6 thoughts on “Shuuuuuush!

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    1. Any time dear. I like sneaking in the peeks. It’s funny, but some people never caught on that all of the ‘Cloud’ stories or the Quin and Lynne stories are really us. Really US. 🙂

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