Flash Fiction Friday Interruptions


Her hand slid under her pink flannel pjs, stroking her aching pussy. She rubbed her clit, and felt the heavy heat begin to build.

He stroked her pussy, as he whispered in her ear. “Come for me. Soak my fingers with your sweet juice.”

She loved how his fingers played her body. The way he moved her with a stroke here, a thrust there or a long slow stroke from clit to pussy. She moaned. His breath hot on her face as he thrust harder and harder. Her orgasm seconds away as he gave her a big sloppy wet kiss.

“Gaaah! Damn it Max! Get that dog breath and that dog tongue away from me!” She pushed her dog off of the bed and wiped the ‘kiss’ he’d given her off with her sheet. “Damn doggus interruptis! How did you get in here in the first place?” She looked over to see that he’d nudged the door open yet again. He’d gotten really good at that.

She stood up, shoved Max out the door and closed it tight. Taking a deep breath, she crawled back into bed, and tried to get back to her masturbatory fantasy. She closed her eyes. Max whined and scratched at the door. “Why is it so fuckin’ hard to masturbate with pets around?” She rolled away from the door and once more began to stroke her pussy.

He was rough. Demanding. “You’ll come for me now, or…” He stopped. Smiled. “Or I’ll let your boss watch.”

She whimpered. His hands played across her clit until her orgasm was nearly there.

The door burst open, and Max was back in the room. She flung her arm over her face, to keep him from licking her. Her orgasm was so close… She shuddered as the orgasm hit.

Yes, I’m late! One hell of a week here. I’m exhausted. Our challenge was:

Key Words: Pink
Forbidden Words: Blue
Word Limit: 300 words 
Extra Credit: She’s not the only one enjoying herself!
Bonus Words: +30 words every time “pink” is used; -30 words every time any other colour is used!

Now, I’m not sure why, but all I could think of was how frustrating it is to have a pet in the room when all you want is an orgasm. 🙂 Next thing I know… a story.

Can you masturbate with your dog or cat in the room? I can’t.

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