Flash Fiction Friday Thief or innocent?


“You know she’s guilty!”

“Right. She’s just a barmaid.”

Jeff slumped against the desk. The girl stood waiting. He knew she’d stolen the diamond necklace, but how to prove it?

Dave stood up. “Fine. Mary, strip off. If we don’t find it on her, she’s innocent.

Jeff looked at Mary. He nodded.

Mary shivered. She tugged off the apron, black skirt, stockings and blouse.

“All of it Mary.”

Mary dropped her bra and panties. All she was left with was the bow tie that had caught in her hair. The men searched her clothes.

“Nothing. Are you satisfied?”

Jeff nodded and gestured for Mary to get dressed. She did so quickly and then left.

Mary hurried home, and locked the apartment door behind her.

“Did they suspect you?”

“Yes. Even strip searched me.”

“No! Did they find it? Or, did you dump it?”

Mary smiled and stripped, leaving the bow tie once more. “Do you see it?”

Joe looked at her. “Is it in the bow tie?”

Mary giggled. “No.”

Joe looked at her and didn’t see the necklace anywhere. “I don’t get it. I know it was stolen. Saw it on the news. Yet…”

“Well, maybe if you’re real nice to me, I’ll tell you where it is.” She leaned over and began to kiss him. His hands went up into her hair, searching. Nothing. She began to unbutton his shirt as she kissed him. Joe’s hands strayed to her breasts. Pert, round and so touchable.

“Help me off with my jeans.”

Mary smiled and undid his jeans. Joe stood and threw off his shirt and kicked off his jeans. Mary straddled his lap, and rubbed her bare pussy against his swelling cock. He gasped and his hands grabbed her ass, ready to thrust upward.

“Joe, touch me,” she whispered.

Joe ran his hands across her ass and then between her thighs. Fingers coaxed moans from her lips as he touched her clit and stroked her pussy. He found his way barred. She smiled. Reaching into her pussy, she pulled out the soaked velvet bag with the purloined necklace.

Yes, late again. Life is just chaotic at the moment. However, I hope you enjoyed my little thriller. Our host gave us the prompt:

Key Words: innocent, guilty
Banned Words: Any word with the letter “z” in it
Word Limit: 350 words

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