Flash Fiction Friday Geeks Save the Day!


“I don’t care what you want, I need it to look like milk!” Jared growled.

“But sir, when we use real milk, it just seems to disappear!”

“Have you used whole milk?”

“Yes sir! Nothing sticks! Plus, if we throw it on her for real, it never looks like a dress. Then we have the whole anti-porn lobby yelling at us for showing too much nipple!”

“Damn idiots! This is for the Dairy Delivery Service Charity Calendar! We’re suppose to have sexy women on it that are nearly undressed! We want people to buy it because it’s a tease!”

“Yes sir! I know sir!”

“Well, get back to me when you have an answer. I’ll be down at the ‘barn scene with Betsy and the cow.” He stomped off towards another set.

Gary sat dejected. “How are we suppose to pull off a non-Newtonian fluid reaction dress on her?” He gestured towards Ella, who was sitting in a bathrobe and looking dejected. She’d had cold milk, warm milk, white paint, and even watery mayo thrown on her in an attempt to get the shot.

Davy shook his head. He had no idea. Nothing they tried worked. “Have we tried oobleck?


“Yeah. Cornstarch and water. The stuff your mom thickens soups or stews with.”

Gary looked at Davy and then at Ella. “Hmm…”

“Take your place.” Gary had a large bucket of white fluid.

Ella sighed and stepped onto the scale. She bent over and placed her hands on her hips. She looked at Davy who was setting up the camera angles. He took one shot of her nude, mouth open for a test.

“Okay, stir and then toss the stuff.”

Gary stired the mix and then lofted it against Ella. The oobleck flew from the bucket and hit Ella in the chest. She gasped as it was colder than she expected. Her nipples went from firm to frozen and stood out. Davy was rapid shooting the camera, trying to catch any images that might work. Two seconds later, Ella stood up, goo oozing down her body.

“I’ve had enough for one day!” she shouted and walked off to her dressing room.

Gary and Davy sat at the computer, editing the pictures. While they hadn’t gotten one good shot, they’d managed to photoshop an image they thought the boss would like.

Jared smiled when he saw it. “That’s our Miss January and the front cover! Good job! What did you use? Sour cream?”

“No, oobleck,” the two geeks said with a smile.

I’m tired. Exhausted. Too much stress, and not enough sleep. To say that life has been topsy turvy is an understatement. And… I can’t say much beyond that. So,… I wasn’t very creative. Although, the thought of throwing oobleck all over a certain former employee has appeal. 🙂

Our challenge was:
Key Words: 
Banned Words: liquid
Word Limit: 422 words
Bonus Words: non-Newtonian

Thank you John for hosting!

9 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Geeks Save the Day!

Add yours

  1. Find a charity shop,buy a few old plates and pretend you are zorba. I won’t get rid of the problem but it at least makes your heart feel lighter for a moment. I liked the way you handled this the models reaction was so believable.

    Hope the problems work out.

    1. Ah yes. I remember my first school fete, and the plate booth. Oh that was good. So good. All those lovely plates smashing to bits. It would probably be better than what I really want to do which is take someone’s head off.

    1. Advizor, I hope it does too. This new adventure of being my parent’s care giver is wearing me out. That on top of issues with work have been enough to make me want to pull out my hair.

      1. it is tough when roles are reversed and we have to be care takers, breadwinners, and nursemaids all at once. I watched my mother-in-law go through it and saw how guilty she felt for being relieved when it was over. it’s a strange mix of emotions, like survivor’s guilt. but she did her best, gave my FIL great and loving care, and when it was done, it was done. Best of luck

    1. 🙂 Of course the geeks would be more interested in throwing stuff than a naked woman. I swear that most of them wouldn’t know what to do with one if she fell in their laps.

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