Flash Fiction Friday A Dish Best Served Cold.


He peeled her leather skirt down with his teeth. Next her panties. She spread her legs wide and he began to tongue her sweet wet pussy. As she began to arch in orgasm, she grabbed his head and held him tight.

Almost there… almost…”

Then the doorbell rang. He looked towards the door and pleaded with his eyes to answer it. She nodded.

“Don’t take too long.”

He shook his head no, wiped his mouth and ran for the door.

She looked around and decided to sit on his ‘oh so pristine couch’. Stretching out her legs, she leaned back. “Waiting…” She drummed her fingers. She thought of watching TV, hoping that the noise would bring him back.

The clock ticked. She looked up and saw that it had been fifteen minutes. She growled under her breath. “He is so going to pay for this. My ass is going numb, and my cunt is cooling off. Damn him!”

Twenty minutes. Thirty. She sat there, dreaming up tortures for him when he finally came back.

“I’m going to tie my undies in a knot around his balls. Then spank them. Or better yet, tell his mother he’s fucking me.”

She smiled at the last one. His mother was such an uptight bitch. To find out that her dear darling son was the slave of a high priced dominatrix delighted her.Yes!”

The door opened. He entered to find her sitting on the couch.

“Sorry Mistress!”

She smiled. “Yes, you will be sorry.”

I was lost! I forgot that Advizor took over this week! Gleep! Here is my FFF from the prompt Advizor gave us:
Key Word – Waiting
Word Limit -250 exactly

No extra words

Forbidden Words – boredom, enui

Hope you like my Furiously FFF. 🙂 15 minutes.

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