Flash Fiction Friday Revelations


“Are you still there?”

She lay on the floor, her hand still wrapped around the receiver. The tinny voice kept on yammering.

“Jamie! Answer me! Don’t you pull that fainting crap on me! I’m your mother!”

Her heart pounded. Temples throbbed. She was devastated. Thoughts whirled through her brain.

“If you don’t answer me, I’m going to come over and beat some sense into you!”

She didn’t answer. Her sculpted breasts barely moved. “How? When? Who? Who was that rotten bastard who ruined her life?”

“Jamie! You have ten seconds to pull your big girl panties up and answer your mother!”

Her mind swam with thoughts, fears, ideas. “Ignore the whole thing? No. Sue? Maybe. Put on a brave face?” Her career was probably over. No one would want her when they found out. “Breathe. Got to breathe…”

“I’ve gone through hell with you over the last few years! This is not the end of the world. You knew that this might happen! At least it isn’t like when your sister came home pregnant!”

She wished her mother would shut up so that she could think.

“James Harold Foster! Get your dickless ass off the floor and answer your mother!”


27 minutes. I took the extra words. My mind took a twirling 187 degree left turn screaming into crazy. Hope you liked the ride. Our dear host gave us this challenge:

Key Word:  Devastated
Word Limit:  Short week, low limit, 180 words
Forbidden Word:  Phone, Carpet, Nipple
Extra Words:  20 Extra if her mom or dad finds her or is on the phone.
Extra Credit:  Tell me a story about your worst phone call.

As for my worst phone call? Hmmm… Deaths. Death of a career and a move. Death of relatives. Grandma died on New Year’s Eve, and they called me at work. Death of the son of a friend. That one hit hard as the son was the same age as one of mine. Death of a friend, and having to call people to notify them. BTW, there are days I hate phones.

9 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Revelations

Add yours

  1. Unusual but interesting take. There have been times like you I wish the infernal machine had never been invented. I was on a bus starting the 300 mile journey to visit when I got a care saying he had died.

  2. LOL, the last line is the best.

    And I hate the phone every day. Total introvert and hermit that I am, I screen ALL calls. I don’t always answer when my own mom calls – but I always call her back, lol.

  3. Without phones, there would be no phone sex.
    Without phones, there would be no booty calls
    Without phones, we give up texting, sexting, snapchat, and instagram.
    Yea, i can live without mine.
    Interesting story. i think I know what’s going one, but I’m not going
    to guess in public in case I get it wrong.
    Thanks for jumping in the FFFing pool

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