The Chair Finale (?)

Ron looked at the nipple ring. “Ann, were you feeling guilty about the piercing? It looks beautiful.”

Ann sobbed. “No. I didn’t do this to myself, nor am I making up a story. This chair, that store did this to me.”

Ron knelt in front of Ann, between her knees. “Both nipples are pierced?”

“Yes.” Ann undid her shirt more to show him both breasts.

“And your clit?” His hand moved up between her thighs, and felt for her clit.

“Yes.” She gasped a little as he rubbed the damp fabric of her panties.

“And where is this brand?”

Ann hiked up the edge of her skirt. There on her thigh was a blue kracken on her skin. Ron passed a finger over it in a caress. Ann shuddered a little. A combination of pain and pleasure.

“This is all very erotic.” His lips wrapped around a nipple as his fingers slipped under her panties and began to play with her clit ring.

“Ron, stop. Please. I don’t know what will happen.”

“What do you mean?”

“The chair. I’m getting wetter and the juices are soaking the cushion.”

“Ah, you’re afraid that your story won’t hold up because there is no kracken? Or is it because you are about to be taken by a monster?”

Ann gulped. She wasn’t sure. All she knew is that Ron’s fingering was making her drip. She ached and wanted to come, but was afraid. “I…”

Ron kissed her and fingered her until she orgasmed. “See?”

Ann gasped with pleasure, but was afraid to relax. “Can… can we go to bed?”

“No, I think we will stay here for a few more minutes. I want to see if your kracken will show up.”

“Please? I…” Her voice stopped as she felt a tickle. She knew it wasn’t Ron’s fingers as both hands were on her thighs. She looked up at his face, and saw that he was smiling. In fact, he was holding her to the chair. “Oh no!” she cried out as the tentacles grasped her body and entered her body.

Ron rocked back on his feet, and watched as the tentacles took Ann. He smiled as they pulled her clothes to shreds and began to fuck her. Before she could scream, a tentacle filled her mouth.

“This is better than Will said it would be. You are just so beautiful, filled, flush and fucked.”

Ann tried to shake her head no. The realization that Ron knew filled her with horror. She tried to get away, but the tentacles held her fast. She orgasmed hard, soaking the chair. She watched as Ron undressed. His cock was swollen, dripping with pre-cum. She felt the chair shove her towards the edge, and the tentacle filling her pussy left. Ron knelt between her thighs once more and thrust hard until his cock hit her cervix. Her orgasm was explosive.

Ann woke up in bed, her nipple being sucked by Ron, as his fingers began to explore her sopping pussy. “Why?” she gasped.

“Well, Will and I got to talking while you were looking for chairs.” He slid three fingers up into her pussy. Ann moaned. “And he told me of the program they had for writers. Showed me a quick video of just what the chairs could manage, and I knew that I wanted you to experience this.” He worked his fist up inside and slowly fucked her.

“Oh! Gently!” she gasped. She felt the orgasm build, and couldn’t think. As he thrumbed her clit and then pulled out quickly, she orgasmed hard and deep. The gush of juices wet the bed. “But…”

“Are you writing well?”


“Getting enough sex, even for you?” he asked as he began again.

Ann nodded as the next orgasm built.

“Then what is there to complain about?” He brought her to another mind shattering orgasm.

“You… could… have… asked!” she gasped at last.

Ron smiled. “That’s the thing. You never would have consented. I know you. And to be honest, there are days you wear me out. This way, we get the best of all worlds. Lots of sex, good writing, decent money coming in and I get to watch that chair fuck you five ways to Sunday.” He bent down and kissed her nipple, biting at the ring. “Plus, I get to see you dressed like this.”

“You bastard!”

“Yes. And if you’d take five minutes and think about it, you’d be happy too.”

“No! I…”

Ron moved swiftly, pulled her into the living room and plopped her into the chair. The tentacles appeared in seconds, filling and fucking her as he played with her nipples and clit. The orgasms were fast, explosive and just kept coming. Ten minutes and fifteen orgasms later, he stopped, and so did the tentacles. Ann was still held to the chair by one tentacle.

“How to you feel?”

She blinked. “Fucked.”

“Nice orgasms?”

She looked at him as she thought. “Yes, damn you.”

“No, thank me, and the Kracken. There is no way I can satisfy you on an average day. I can get close, but nothing like this.”

She slowly nodded.

“So, stop fighting it. I know about it because I arranged it. I like the piercings. And I love watching this chair fuck the hell out of you.” Ron gestured down at his cock which was standing at attention. He pulled her to him, and slid his cock deep inside.

Ann once more felt the double action of tentacles and cock. Ron grabbed her hips and fucked fast and hard. His orgasm was in time with her own, and the two of them collapsed to the floor in a sticky mess.

“Pax?” Ron asked as his hand traced the kracken brand.

Ann nodded.

Ron kissed Ann as he headed off to work. The weekend had been great. Plenty of sex and sleep for the both of them. “Have a good day!”

“I will,” Ann said as she walked naked towards her desk.

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