Twisted Delights (9)

Two weeks passed, and it was a ‘family weekend’. Bette had enjoyed a long telephone chat with Declan who was still out of the country. When she’d finished, she wandered down to the library to find a book.

“Miss Evans?”

Bette looked up from her book to see a tall young man standing in the doorway. “Yes?”

“Lord Duncan requests your presence.” He waited for her and the two of them walked upstairs and then down a long hallway. As the approached the orange painted door, she hesitated.

“I’m not allowed through those doors.”

“Miss Evans, Lord Duncan requested you. It is with his permission.”

She looked at the young man and then sighed. “Alright. Lead on.”

He opened the door and led the way down a dimly lit hall. Noises floated out from various rooms, but Bette tried to keep looking straight ahead. Finally the young man stopped in front of a door. “Wait here please.”

Bette stood waiting, trying not to figure out what the noises were. The young man appeared again with a strip of black cloth in his hands. “Lord Duncan needs you inside, but if you’d like a blindfold, he sent one out.”


“Yes ma’am. There are some naked people inside, and he didn’t want to offend you, but he needs your ears and memory.”

Bette took a deep breath. “Alright, put it on.” She stood still while the blindfold was settled over her eyes. Then the young man took her arm and led her into the room and helped her sit down on a chair.

“Ah Miss Evans. Thank you for coming so quickly. Please listen to the conversation and remember the vital points.”

“Yes sir.” She put her mind into the mode she used during dictations and began to listen.

An hour later, she was dismissed with the request to write down what she remembered. It had been the strangest conversation. Almost like a confession. A man was talking in between being hit or whipped. At another point, she could have sworn that he’d been sexually pleasured somehow as he gasped like Declan did when he came during sex. She typed up the document and then placed it in a folder on Lord Duncan’s desk. She then did her best to forget what had been said.

This kind of thing happened twice more that weekend. Each time, she was blindfolded. After the last one, she stopped Lord Duncan in the hall after dinner that night.

“Sir, why do you have me transcribe those um… conversations?”

“Come into my office.” He turned and lead the way. When the door was closed, he leaned against his desk. “Those are interrogations of a very special kind.”

“Interrogations? Sir, shouldn’t those be done somewhere else?”

“No, they are done here. Those men are undercover operatives, and often they are under such stress, that this method is the only way to help them. Others, because of their nature, need pain to release and let go. I provide this service.”

Bette nodded, but was still curious. “Why is it that beating someone helps? Or having sex?”

Lord Duncan smiled. “Ah, you figured out what was going on, without seeing it?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well, the mind is a very strange thing, and sometimes such extremes helps the blockages dissolve. If one is always in control, they often need a way to relax. To not be in control. For others, they want or need the pain. And often, sex is a very good lubricant for the mind to relax.” he smiled as he said that last bit.

Bette blushed.

She was dreaming of Declan tying her to the bed and spanking her bottom when there was a knock on her door. “Yes?” she answered sleepily.

“Miss Evans, you’re needed.”

Bette realized it was Timothy, Lord Duncan’s batsman. She grabbed her robe and stepped into her slippers. “What now?” she asked as she opened her door.

“His Lordship needs you.”

She followed, and once more headed up to the part of the house she heard called the dungeon. Bette was rather surprised when Lord Duncan greeted her at the door and brought her inside before a blindfold could be offered.

“Sit here and listen.”

“But sir…”

“Just listen to the young women.”

She closed her eyes, as she really didn’t want to stare at the shirtless man in the room, or the two women kneeling across from her. This time though, the sounds were too much to ignore and she opened her eyes. Bette watched as the women were spanked one at a time. She listened as well, but she had to remind herself to do so as the handling of the women affected her concentration. Then a woman in a domino mask and a most reveling outfit walked in. She too spanked the women, and they seemed to talk even more openly than when the man had done so.

What amazed her was the wanton behavior of the women. How they rubbed their thighs together or arched their backs to display nipples hard and taunt. The scent of sex in the room was present even though there had been no sex. Finally, the women were taken away, and Bette sent off to write down what she had heard.

Bette had just left the office when she met Lord Duncan in the hall. “Sir?”

“Yes, Bette?”

“Why no blindfold this time?”

“I didn’t think it necessary.”


“Were you offended by what you saw?”

“No sir.”

“How did it make you feel?”

Bette blushed. Her panties were still damp, over an hour after leaving the room, and she didn’t understand why she’d become so turned on in the first place. “I… um.. sir,”

“Were you aroused, Bette?”

She blushed again and nodded.

“Very normal my dear. Very normal. Remember, people do this for pleasure as well as interrogations. It is a sexual trigger, and some find it very nice.” He smiled and then left.

Bette headed for bed and hoped she’d fall asleep before her alarm went off.

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