Twisted Delights (12)

Breakfast finished and everyone headed off to their various duties. Declan followed Bette and then went in to chat with Lord Duncan.

“Let me know if she desires or needs further training.”

“I will James. She was damn responsive to it all. Better than I expected.”

“Good. Always thought she would be. I’ve a new class starting up on the 10th.”

Declan looked over at the calendar. “I should know by then.”

Bette sat gently the whole day. Oddly enough, the pain reminded her of the pleasures of the evening which made her more aroused than turned off. By 5pm, she was so turned on that she was afraid she’d pounce on Declan when he walked into the office.

“Well, I see I don’t have to ask how you’re doing.”

“No, I’m… I want…”

“Want what dear Bette?”

“I want to lock the office doors and have you take me right now.”

Declan laughed. “Oh that we could. Dinner is in an hour and we both need to dress.”

Bette pouted. “I suppose I will have to wait then.”

He walked up to her, wrapped his arms around her and held tight. Then with one hand he popped her on the ass four times. Bette gasped, squirmed and flushed. He laughed softly and then reached up under her skirt and stroked her clit. Bette came like a shot, her head buried in his shoulder to muffle the squeak.

Declan let go of her, and helped her straighten her clothing. “You need to go get dressed, and no touching yourself.”


“No touching.” he pointed to her crotch. “No easing your aches. No panties either.” He took her by the hand and they walked out of the office.

James smiled as he closed the peephole panel. Bette would make a very good sub.

Bette’s ass was sore. Her pussy throbbed. She ached to be with Declan, but this dinner party was nearly as long as the one the night before. The women were vapid, and the officers dull. On top of that, she swore that Declan and Lord Duncan had purposely bumped her ass all evening. She was tender, aroused and it felt as if her thighs were swimming. She was just glad that her evening dress was unlikely to show stains.

“Do you think she’ll last much longer?”

“I’m not sure James. She certainly isn’t going to last long once we are alone.”

“Are you heading out to the folly again? Or do you want the blue velvet room?”

Declan thought for a moment. “Is the room available? It wasn’t last night.”

“Oh yes. I made certain it was.”

“Then I’ll have it. When may we excuse ourselves of your company?”

“Now if you’d like. I think that Miss Evans has a ‘headache’.”

Five minutes later, Bette and Declan headed upstairs to the red door corridor. She was a bit surprised that he had a key or was allowed. Once they were through the entrance, he stopped.

“Hold still Bette.”


“A blindfold is required.” Before she could object, he pulled out a velvet blindfold and covered her eyes. Then he led her through the hall and into a room. He switched on the light and then locked the door. “Will you do whatever I say?”

Bette trembled a little. “Yes.”

“Yes sir.” he prompted. They’d discussed a little of the Dom-sub paradigm last night.

“Yyes sir.”

“Good girl.” He led her over to a small bench. “Sit.”

Bette sat, and then felt him remove her shoes. He helped her to stand and her evening dress slid to the floor. She stepped out of it and stood in her bra, slip, garter belt and stockings. Then she was walked over to the four poster bed, and was instructed to hold onto the end posts. It was a bit of a stretch, but not uncomfortably so. As she stood there, she heard him undress and wondered what was to happen.

Declan walked up behind her, and began to stroke her body. Light, gentle touches, even over her ass, which was slightly bruised. She gasped, but didn’t let go. As he ran his hands up the insides of her legs, she arched back towards him. When his hands reached her pussy, he found her wet. Sliding two fingers deep inside, he slowly fingered her. Just before she orgasmed, he stopped.

“Oh Declan! Please!”

“No. No orgasms unless I say so.”


“No.” He swatted her ass twice. Her hands came down off of the posts. He replaced them, as he reminded her to hold on. He swatted her again. Once more her hands came off of the posts as he knew they would. He walked away and came back with soft leather cuffs. He wrapped them around the posts and then around each wrist.

“What? Why?”

“To make it easier for you to comply.”

“But… you startled me. That’s why I let go.”

“And now, you needn’t worry.” He rubbed her ass and then as she began to relax, he swatted her again. This time her reaction was swift. She arched upwards, away from his hand.


Declan stroked her body, and fingered her once more. He stopped just short of orgasm. When she cried to be allowed to orgasm, he walked away.

Bette wondered where he’d gone, and then heard the bed creak. The next thing she knew, his cock was next to her mouth. She took him into her mouth and did her best to remember how to give a blowjob. He was hot, silky and salty. She found she liked the taste of him in her mouth. As he got closer to his own orgasm, he held her head as he thrust in and out. He came, filling her mouth. She swallowed as best she could, licking him until he was soft.

“I do love coming without that damned sheath.” He moved off of the bed and went over to the toy box again. He returned with a large stone dildo. Standing behind Bette, he began to stroke her skin with the tip.

“What is that?”

“You’ll find out.” He continued, and slowly worked down her body. He ran it across her ass, which made her jump. Then he gently touched her pussy, letting her juices coat the head. When it was wet, he nudged it between her lips and slowly slid it into her pussy.

“Oh lord! What is that!”

“A toy. A cock shaped toy.” Declan slid it in and out of her pussy, smiling as she tried to rub against it. His own cock grew stiff once more and between one stroke and the next, he slid the dildo out and his sheathed cock in. The switch between cool stone and warm flesh sent shivers of pleasure across Bette’s skin. She arched back towards him and he grabbed her hips. Declan thrust harder and harder. Bette began to orgasm and couldn’t stop. Her muscles clamped around his cock with each spasm and he soon came hard.

As the two of them shuddered with pleasure, he withdrew and then undid the cuffs and pulled off the blinfold. Gathering her in his arms, they crawled into bed and fell asleep.

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