Flash Fiction Friday Stormtroopers


Applause washed over them, as the Star Wars theme ended. “Bobbie Fet” was the first one to turn and head backstage. The five “Storm troopers” followed her. Behind them they could hear the stage hands collecting costumes and fighting over one of the masks with a fan.

“I hear that damn music in my sleep!”

“Me too. I’m sick of it. Can’t they figure out a new strip routine for us?”

“I’m afraid we’re gonna be stuck with this one until the movie comes out.”

“My fucking boyfriend hums the damn song as he’s goin’ down on me!”

Bobbie laughed. “At least you’re lovers don’t want you to wear your mask during sex.”


She nodded.

“Couldn’t breath in the damn thing!”



Bobbie zipped up her jeans, grabbed the helmet and stuffed it in her bag. “See ya tomorrow”.

Outside, she headed towards her other job. She slipped in the back and into her ‘outfit’, complete with the helmet. She grabbed her whip, a faux laser and headed down the hall. She opened the door and greeted “Han Solo” kneeling on the floor.

“Solo, now you are mine.”

“Buzz off Fet!”

The whip cracked, and the excitement began.


Our assignment was:

This week’s Flash Fiction Challenge is a little bit different.
Your goal – Describe what happens in the next 5 minutes.
Star Wars references optional
Word Limit: 200

I did more than just the next five minutes, but hope you enjoyed. I had to write quick, as Wolf is still being ‘Nursey’. In my defense, I only took two naps today! For the record, this virus sucks!

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