He curled up behind Lynne, his right leg over her left, pinning her foot. Her right leg was pulled up, and her ass exposed as he ran his hand up under her nightie. He rested his hand just under her breast as they fell asleep.

Lynne dreamed that something kept poking her ass. She tried to get away, but was held down. Then she woke, to find that it was Quin, and while he was asleep, his cock wasn’t. She smiled, and reached her hand down between them, found his cock and guided it between her thighs. As Quin’s cock grazed her damp pussy, she moaned and pushed against it. It had been a rough few weeks with little time for play.

Quin dreamed that he was making love to Lynne. He felt his cock drive into her and gripped her hips. As he slid in, the sensations overwhelmed him. He shuddered with pleasure. Then he too woke.

“Hi stranger.”

“Well, isn’t this lovely?”

“Only if you don’t stop.”

Quin laughed slightly and rose up on his knees. Moving Lynne’s right leg up higher, he slid into her pussy. One hang gripped her ass, the other her knee. He stroked slowly at first, but need sped his actions.

“Oh yes!” Lynne gasped between thrusts. She pulled her knee to her chest as she lay on her side, to let him thrust deeper.

Quin’s thrusts increased until their skin slapped together in a staccato beat accompanied by Lynne’s gasps and moans. The heat of orgasm boiled up from his toes. He growled in pleasure as his orgasm exploded deep inside Lynne.

Lynne moaned as she felt him go off. Her own orgasm was so close. So close. She thrust against him in need. He realized this through the fog of pleasure and held himself deep inside as his fingers flicked over her clit. It didn’t take much until she too bucked and spasmed in orgasm. He delighted in making her cry out multiple times, until she seemed to melt into the bed.

Quin snuggled up behind Lynne as they curled up in bed once more. His arm was around her waist, and his right let over hers, pinning her foot to the bed. They fell asleep in sticky splendor.

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