Woefully behind

On everything. Reading, writing, laundry… You get the picture. Life has been speeding by, and yet it feels as if we are moving at a snails pace. We are doing alright. A but numb, but alright. The next few days is going to be hectic, as family pours in and we change to a new perspective. My dad passed away yesterday.

Wolf has been such a support, as have many friends. For all of you who have contacted me behind channels, or on this blog, thank you. It means so very much to us. I will be back. I will finish up stories that have been left hanging, and I have a new one on the tip of my fingers.

“She ran. Snow crunched beneath her paws as the muscular legs drove her faster and faster. The whomping sounds over her head drove the pack towards the treeline. 

Crack! Crack-crack-crack!”

5 thoughts on “Woefully behind

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  1. i’m sorry to hear about your loss *gives a big strong hug* loosing a parent is hard, lost my own father 8 years ago. it hurts, it hurts bad. time is what you need and wolf taking care of you. we’re not going anywhere, you’re stuck with us!

  2. take your time lass you will be busy for a bit. As you are passing give Molkelle a skelp to get her writing again

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